• Emory Healthcare Removes Christmas Eve From Paid Leave Calendar....But Adds Juneteenth

    By Staff
    September 9, 2023

    Employees who wish to take Christmas Eve off will now have to use one of their paid time off days.

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    In a move announced August 31 to employees, Emory Healthcare, the largest hospital system in Georgia eliminated Christmas Eve from it's paid holiday list and at the same time added Juneteenth as a paid holiday. Employees who choose to work on Juneteenth will earn extra holiday pay while those who work on Christmas eve will not.

    Many people will recall the period around 2009 when the notion of recognizing Christian holidays seemed to be under assault. Stores reduced the number of Christmas trees, many events were called "Holiday" events rather than "Christmas" events. Store held Holiday sales not Christmas sales. EVen shoppers had a tendency to wish other "Happy Holidays" reluctant to say Merry Christmas.

    One wonders what Emory is thinking in making this change. They claim they solicited employee input prior to the change but what exact input did they receive? We don't know.

    As the number of issues in America grows, many repot a growing need and desire for spiritual connection. At the same time, few will argue that the end of slavery certainly deserves vast recognition as a move toward freedom for mankind.

    Why then would Emory feel the need to deny one Holiday in favor of the other?.

    For many years, and in many organizations, people of differing spiritual faiths have been able to apply employee holidays which allow them to celebrate their faith with family and friends. Why would Emory deny employees this option?

    Is Emory deliberately targeting Christian beliefs? We hope not.

    Perhaps Emory employees who don't approve of this new change should speak out on their own behalf and that of their families. Freedom of choice would help solve this question and show that Emory is not trying to impact Christianity but broaden the options available to its employees.

    Emory promotes themselves as Community focused, perhaps they need to show it.

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    Christmas Eve is not a Federal Holiday. Juneteenth is. This change aligns Emory Healthcare's paid holidays with the federal government. No one is trying to "deny" any employee from being able to celebrate Christmas Eve with their families; employees can still use PTO and take that day off. Trying to say that Emory Healthcare is "attacking" Christianity is ridiculous and overdramatic - there are plenty of other religions who don't get paid time off for their holidays at ANY organization.

    Last edited 10 months ago by Alana

    The idea that medicine need to align with federal government alarms me. But what I jumped on to reply is that it's another breakdown of American traditions. Why not just add another paid holiday instead of removing one? It's not easy to get PTO on Christmas Eve, if you are at an employer who considers it just another workday. Even though I am not a churchgoer, you would have to be living under a rock not to see what is being removed, especially in places like Georgia.

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