• Dr. Peter McCullough Exposes "Gain Of Function" Bird Flu Research - Right Here In Georgia

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    June 1, 2024
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    We Won't Get Fooled Again

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    In a May 29th interview, Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading expert on Covid-19, warned viewers about Disease X, avian influenza and its ties to Athens. GA.

    Located on the University of Georgia Campus is the Poultry Diagnostic & Research Center.

    According to its website, it provides global support for the poultry industry in various capacities,  including poultry consultation, research and even avian flu PCR testing. It houses 130 isolation units for Biosafety Level 2 research. According to the National Institute of Health, this means these UGA labs are used to study moderate-risk agents.

    Right down the road is the USDA National Poultry Center, which includes 3 laboratories:

    In October of 2022 the USDA, along with various Georgia government representatives, celebrated the opening of a new building for the Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory.

    According to a government press release, this facility was opened to increase the lab’s capabilities to respond to “highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks.” It was also described as the largest poultry research complex in the U.S. and a “crucial asset”  to address poultry viral diseases at an international level.

    View or download the Press Release below:

    Within the USDA is another Athens, Ga based organization called the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). According to their website, they are a Biosafety Level 3 facility. They study live specimens of avian flu viruses to see how they replicate, cause disease and spread, including to humans. 

    Is this starting to sound familiar?

    Dr. McCullough also states that Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) said in 2021 that bird flu is the "NEXT DISEASE X."

    Now the World Economic Forum (WEF); World Health Organization (WHO); Coalition for Epidemic Innovation (CEPI); and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) all have Bird Flu positioned as the next pandemic. They are attempting to raise public awareness and fear.

    Remember when the Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum hosted EVENT 201 in 2019, just before the emergence of "Covid?"

    Click on image to see more on Event 201, held in September 2019:

    So we are faced with the following questions:

    Who has been conducting this research and why? More on this is next article.

    Why would these facilities research how to make bird flu infect mammals?

    What have we learned about Covid's origins? Who was involved?

    What have we learned regarding the "vaccines" and their effects on those who have taken them?

    Are we ready to learn from being fooled four years ago, or will we once again be caught up by fear and main stream media narratives and fail to use our Critical Thinking and Analytical abilities to assess any situation and make sound logical decisions?

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