• Bird Flu Summit Set For Fall 2024 In Arkansas - Remember Event201 Just Prior To Covid?

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    June 11, 2024
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    Prominent Speakers connected to Athens, GA and the WHO's One Health Initiative

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     Guest Contributor:

    One of the listed speakers is Erica Spackman, Acting Research Leader at the US National Poultry Research Center located in Athens, GA.  Spackman has contributed to multiple research papers and articles focused on avian influenza, including a March 2023 report detailing the highly pathogenic avian flu currently found in mallards. 


    In recent weeks, Dr. Peter McCullough, renowned physician and COVID-19 expert, has been warning that bird flu is the next pandemic being orchestrated through government funded Gain of Function research.

    In a June 4 substack article, Dr. McCullough provides evidence suggesting that an avian influenza identified as H5N1 Clade (the same avian influenza virus highlighted in Spackman’s research article) is not a natural virus, but a result of lab experimentation.

    Dr. McCollough goes on to provide an evidence-based map highlighting the origin of this avian virus, which highlights the state of Georgia.

    Many of the other speakers listed for this fall’s avian influenza summit are connected to a World Health Organization (WHO) initiative called One Health.

    What is One Health?

    In 2004, the Rockefeller University in New York City hosted various organizations, including the World Bank, the United Nations, WHO and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for a conference on avian influenza.

    The product of this conference was called  “The Manhattan Principles.” These were 12 recommendations for world leaders on how to address pandemics. The recommendations not only included massive investment in addressing pathogen jumps from animals to humans, but also developing international approaches to surveil, monitor and control disease outbreaks. Yearly meetings on avian pathogens continued for the past 20 years and eventually the 12 goals of the Manhattan Principles turned into a larger concept called One Health.

    In 2023, the WHO declared that COVID-19 justified the need for a stricter global approach to health threats. The world’s current approach to contagions was simply too “fragmented and unsustainable.”  The WHO called for scaling up the One Health initiative through stronger global political engagement. The WHO also connected One Health to sustainable development, a concept directly linked to the World Economic Forum and its 2030 Agenda.

    One Health is also an integral part of the WHO Pandemic Treaty, a legally binding document that would have centralized global pandemic preparedness and response within the WHO. The Pandemic Treaty ultimately failed this past May with various countries citing their concerns over national sovereignty and human rights issues.


    Why is bird flu, which experts admit has been around since at least 1878, now a lethal pathogen to humans? Is this connected to the concept of Gain of Function that–thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci– we are all so familiar with? 


    Is this a conference to prevent a bird flu pandemic from happening, or the beginnings of another national sovereignty power grab that devolves into lockdowns, human rights violations and forced vaccinations?


    We need to be paying attention so that we are not fooled again.


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