• MAGA Declining In Strength?  Don’t Bet On It.

    March 11, 2023

    Delegates attending republican county conventions don’t appear to be buying the “Trump is passe’" narrative some are pushing. 

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    As republican delegates converged on convention locations today, the topics were not just on candidates and debating Robert’s Rules of Order, the discussions included the similarities and differences between the GOP stated platform at the national level and the way Republican Senators and House members are behaving (and voting) while in the Georgia General Assembly.

    In Forsyth County’s Convention, several elected officials spoke about accomplishments but also discussed the need to unify under a solid local and national approach for the Republican party.  

    Traditional republicans and America First/MAGA conservatives often report seeing themselves as fundamentally different.  Many wonder what common ground will be found and when.  

    This may be especially important as, at this hour, a number of key Counties are reporting elections of County leaders made up largely of “America First / MAGA” candidates.

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    Sarah Thompson

    The Georgia Record was relaunched in June of 2021. The original paper was started in 1899 and published into the early 20th century.

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    Trump is the ONLY CHOICE. Live with it.

    Mad Celt

    Some day soon voters will realize republicans and democrats are 2 sides of the same worthless coin and boot both over reaching parties to the curb.

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