• U.S. Department of Education Taking Aim At Forsyth Schools

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    May 23, 2023
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    The department's Office of Civil Rights launched an investigation following the School Board decision to remove 34 books from libraries in 2022.

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    Forsyth County News reports that the U.S. Department of Education has stated that Forsyth County Schools’ removal of library books containing Black or LGBTQ themes or characters last year “may have created a hostile environment for students,” potentially violating their civil rights.

    Readers will remember that the Forsyth School Board settled a First Amendment case with the "Mama Bears" last year in which concerned parents were blocked from reading for books found the school libraries because the School Board found the readings "inappropriate" for reading in public meetings. Those involved have pointed out that by blocking the reading of the material the Schol Board appeared to be trying to avoid dealing wit the issue.

    After a suit was brought in U.S. District Court, the School Board dsettled the matter and allowed content questioned by parent to be read during their public meetings.

    The latest move by the U.S. DOE makes one wonder if the Federal government is targeting Forsyth in an effort to discourage similar moves by parents in other areas, to keep objectionable content from their minor children.

    In response to the move by the DOE, No Left Turn, an organization focused on protecting children and preserving parents rights had the following statement:

    Where is the proof that Forsyth County School District actually violated Title VI and Title IX? Is Forsyth County School District being intimidated into handing over Local Control to the federal government so that it can be forced into adhering to a woke agenda as opposed to respecting the rights of parents? If Forsyth County School District did not break any civil rights laws, they should not be signing over so much control, via the Resolution Agreement, to the federal government. This is a dangerous precedent. OCR is using Forsyth County Schools as an example to intimidate every other school across the nation. Once the Federal Government gets into a school at that level, they will be there to stay. Parents challenging books that they feel are sexually explicit or inappropriate for whatever reason is not a civil rights violation. Forsyth County Schools followed their appeal policy. The truth is that ONLY 1 of the appealed 8 books was permanently removed from the shelves. The other 7 books were allowed to continue in the Forsyth County High Schools. By signing this agreement, Forsyth County Schools are prioritizing federal funding over Local Control and parents’ rights.

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