Fulton Acting GOP Chairman Betsy Kramer Refuses Interview With The Georgia Record

July 17, 2021

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We have written extensively at CDMedia and The Georgia Record about the Fulton County GOP party election last April and its aftermath. You can read our latest on this story here.

This morning we attended the DeKalb County, GA GOP monthly breakfast meeting and Acting GOP Fulton County Chair Betsy Kramer was in attendance.

We politely approached Kramer about not responding to our email request last week for an interview. She replied that she did reply, and obviously knew about our email request. We told her we received no reply. She tried to find her reply on her phone but did not show it to us.

We asked Kramer for an interview on the situation in Fulton and she refused, instead asking us to 'send her questions'.

We replied that would not allow Fulton residents to really understand what happened, and she replied, "I'm sorry, I'm not doing interviews".

Interestingly enough, we reported on the incident below last week.

In another spectacle, neighboring Cobb County GOP Chairman Sally Grubbs made a typical video endorsing Opraseuth and her group’s efforts to gain power in the Fulton County GOP. Parrish states Grubbs was confronted at a party shortly after by Fulton County Acting Chairman Betsy Kramer, who demanded Grubbs ‘stay out of Fulton County’s business’.

We find it interesting that Kramer can lambast other GOP officials in GA to 'mind their own business' but she feels free to attend other county GOP events.

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6 comments on “Fulton Acting GOP Chairman Betsy Kramer Refuses Interview With The Georgia Record”

  1. Your “reporter” here is truly ignorant. We encourage people
    to attend events and even hold non-voting membership in County organizations outside of their resident County.

    Kramer is a supporting, dues paying member, in fact, of the DeKalb GOP.

    1. Peter, the ‘reporter’ did not say she didn’t have a right to attend, the ‘reporter’ said she was being hypocritical. You ignored that point.

  2. The only thing keeping the GOP from being the worst, most corrupt and comtemptuous-of-their-voters political party in United States, is the Democrat Party. Oh, and their utter cowardice.

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