• Sound of Freedom To Begin International Releases

    July 27, 2023

    Angel Studios has announced that international releases will begin August 18th.

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    While many movie goers have reported the profound significance of the movie, traditional movie reviewers have largely ignored it. All the while, "Sound of Freedom" has grown to more that $130MM in box office receipts in the U.S.

    “Since SOUND OF FREEDOM launched in the US, demand has been building around the world in dozens of regions and languages,” Jared Geesey, senior vice president of global distribution for Angel Studios, said in a statement.

    “Child trafficking is a global issue, and we hope to build on the incredible momentum here in the states and share the film’s powerful message worldwide,” Geesey said.

    On Aug. 18, the film will debut in South African theaters.

    Then, on Aug. 24, Australians and New Zealanders will get to see “Sound of Freedom” for the very first time.

    Aug. 31 is the movie’s biggest international release date on the calendar. On that day, the Angel Studios production will open in 16 countries in South and Central America.

    In September and October, it will debut in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, the release said.

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    The Sound of Freedom was one of the most impactful movies I have ever seen. Tim Ballard is, by any measure, the epitome of a hero. Jim Caviezel was superb, deserving of an Oscar. Angel Studios deserves a medal for bringing this film to theaters and thereby hopefully stirring the passions of millions of people to enjoin with Ballard in his quest to end the tragedy of trafficking.

    […] ‘Sound of Freedom’ to Begin International Releases […]

    Jack Fanning

    Countries aiding and abetting in child human trafficking should be held accountable.

    Bret G.

    America is the largest contributor

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