• Investigator Testifies Before Arizona Joint Senate And House Election Committee

    February 26, 2023
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    Jacqueline Breger testified to broad money laundering, crime and bribery schemes which may implicate dozens or hundreds of State, County and Local officials in Arizona and potentially across the Country.

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    This week the Arizona Senate and House Elections Committees heard dramatic testimony from Jacqueline Breger regarding the results of investigations showing money laundering, Rico crimes and bribery across a number of states and amounting to potentially $25 billion / 10 years in Arizona alone.

    John Thaler confirmed the findings she was testifying to were also presented in 2022 to then-Governor Doug Ducey.

    The money flow from these activities included cross-state money transfers along with money flowing in from the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico, according to testimony.

    investigators spotted anomalies in real estate transactions across a number of areas which led them to look more closely at individual transactions in Arizona and eventually among elected and local officials.

    John Thaler appeared on podcasts including one with Mark Finchem on Frank Speech and gave further details about the investigation. Thaler stated that thousands of documents had been researched in order to identify the potential crimes and individuals allegedly involved.  Those individuals include former Governor Doug Ducey, current governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs,  State Senator Ken Bennett (who is a former Secretary of State of Arizona),  Robert Runbeck of the Runbeck company (which is involved in printing and tabulating of election ballots and many states including Georgia.)

    John Thaler described the mechanisms of money transfer as falling into two primary categories 1) Fake Transaction - fake real estate transactions involving either a fake buyer fake seller or both as a mechanism of moving large amounts of money from one party to another. 2) Bribery through real estate transactions. Thaler described a scenario where a perpetrator would arrange for a property to be bought from a seller, then the party to be bribed would be told to buy the property with 10% down and would be guided to use a controlled or fake mortgage company to complete the transaction. On the surface everything would look like a normal real estate transaction but behind the scenes the mortgage would never have to be paid resulting in a large amount of equity when the individual bribed later sold the property.

    Just one of Thaler’s reports lists 40 individuals, many in State, County or Local official capacity) in various locations in Arizona whose real estate transactions include apparently falsified deeds and documents.  

    The following lists individuals in Arizona who Thaler states have apparently false information regarding property deeds or transactions:

    In an interview this weekend Thaler indicated that the issue is not limited to Arizona but may be active in 20 states or more with billions of dollars training hands.

    when one considers the confusing choices of open borders which allow human trafficking and fentanyl to enter the US, the transfer of illegal migrants across the country via Biden administration funding, the the amount of money involved in these two enterprises, the motivation for this mass bribery and the need to launder the money necessary to accomplish it becomes more clear.

    The Georgia Record will be carefully tracking the information resulting from these investigations and we'll bring you updates needed to understand what if any of these alleged crimes are also occurring here in Georgia.


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