• Kemp Brings Jackboot Down In Attempt To Keep Buckhead from Seceding

    By Staff
    March 4, 2023

    Residents say they want to break away and run their own city as Atlanta seems happy to take their tax money but unable or willing to stem increasing crime rates.

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    Tuesday, after Senate Bills 113 and 114 made it out of Committee, Georgia Gov. Kemp (fresh from his trip to the World Economic Foundation Davos meeting in Switzerland) had Exec Counsel David Dove deliver a two page memorandum demanding that Senate floor leaders, Bo Hatchett and Mike Hodges, evaluate the proposal, citing "constitutional and statutory challenges" which could "retailor the cloth of governance for Georgia’s municipalities in ways that will ripple into a future of unforeseen outcomes." 

    The move implies but does not seem to cite Georgia codes which would be violated by Buckhead's move. Neither has the Governor nor Dove proposed any measure to stem the tide of rising crime that has resulted in Atlanta being one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

    A recent Forbes article lists Atlanta as #4 on the list of the Worst 5 Cities for Mass Shootings in the U.S.

    The trend of cities questioning wehther they need to move to self-governmence seems to be growing. Recently the City of Milton voted to break away from Fulton County's administration and conduct their own elections - by hand count and hand-tally. Their research indicates they will be save more than $250,000 in the first year alone.

    This then begs the question, what would happen to Buckhead if in fact they do secede? Will they find they can better address crime and city administration while also saving money?

    More importantly, do other Georgians care if Buckhead's move "retailors the cloth of governance" or is it time to find a new "tailor" and try a new suit?

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    atlanta is already circling the drain. take away their tax cattle and down they go


    Kemp is obviously a establishment/globalist - he attends evil DAVOS he undermined DJT why did you elect him?


    Kemp has forgotten who he works for and needs to be reminded during the next election.

    Sven Yortep

    Just leave, they can't put everybody in jail.....

    Sonia706 Hoffman

    I think a new tailor and suit would be awesome!

    Big Crow

    Oh yeah the money!

    ronald J kozlowski

    This trend seems to be catching steam across the country. OK, we won,t break up our republic (sorry libs, not a democracy) but we won,t pay for our own destruction. Have the inner city folks pay up. Sorry the inn is full and we don,t want you. Buh by

    ronald J kozlowski

    At least Stacy A. lost. Last i read she is looking for land in Nigeria. Lots of land, smirk.

    Auntie Vaxina

    Want out of Atlanta, MOVE


    I met him once. I wasn’t impressed. After 2020, I was right.

    Highs Boson

    Normal humans do not enjoy crime and corruption the way democrats and RINOs do. Or so humans want their kids to grow up without the threat of being beaten, shot, robbed or raped by freaks who are freed from jail and allowed to freely roam the streets because of liberal policies. This is really people who want to preserve health and safety and the are being opposed by the usual suspects of degenerates.

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