• Like Never Before, Citizens Across Georgia Are Questioning Those Who Propose To Govern

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    March 10, 2023
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    Across Georgia citizens are preparing to attend their county republican conventions this Saturday March 11th.  And they have a lot of questions....

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    Across Georgia, citizens are preparing to attend their county republican conventions Saturday, March 11th.
    And they have a lot of questions…….
    In contrast to previous years, many of these residents are prepared to ask serious questions of candidates seeking office in the Republican Party within their County.
    In recent meetings, people have asked substantive questions about Bills currently under consideration and the candidates' stance on those bills. They also want to know the candidate’s track record with such things as election integrity, education, prevention of CRT and DEI in the Georgia school system, and gender grooming issues.

    Sadly, some requests for candidates to clarify their stance on issues have gone unanswered, which begs the question why, when your constituents ask openly for you to clarify your beliefs, would you avoid the opportunity to explain your position and state what you are willing to do to support it?

    Going forward, those who seek party or public office should expect to have citizens strongly engaged in researching and questioning their beliefs track record, and plans going forward. Those who prefer to give pat answers or avoid the questions will likely find little favor from an informed and engaged Georgia populace.

    Perhaps some of our candidates need a reminder:

    An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. - Thomas Jefferson

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