• BREAKING: America First / MAGA Candidates Dominate Major Republican County Convention Elections

    By Staff
    March 11, 2023

    Republican conventions for key counties choose America First / MAGA candidates to take leadership roles heading into 2023 and in preparation for the 2024 election cycle..

    Fulton County Republican Executive Board

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    So far, the following counties are reporting near-perfect America First / MAGA sweeps of Republican County leadership......

    Cherokee County

    Forsyth County

    Forsyth County Republican Party Executive Board

    Cobb County

    Spaulding County

    Fulton County and

    Chatham County

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    Ron Snively

    Liberals have infiltrated many of the counties surrounding Atlanta in the past years, its time to vote them out and take back control. GA is a conservative state and it shall remain that way. Count every legal, honest vote.

    Ben Colder

    Hot damn I hope that the MAGA can become a new party and get rid of the RINOS once and for all let them start their own party of join the communists

    Hunter's dad

    The Dems will still cheat, and that includes Kemp and his scumbag criminal partner Rafsenburger or how ever you spell it, we know which criminal I am talking about

    Gypo O'leary

    Fulton County, Ga?
    What is the story there...thought the RINOs cheated at the convention to take control.

    Jack - Towne Lake - Woodstock

    That's just beautiful. So nice to see America First taking the lead.

    I lived in Massachusetts for many years and escaped the fascist state to return to Georgia at the end of 2008. Georgia has headed in the wrong direction ever since then and it was quite disappointing. This reinstills my faith in this state.

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