• BREAKING: Fulton Announces Voter Registration Clean Up Program - But Is It Real?

    By Staff
    March 16, 2023

    Citing numerous public concerns about errors within their voter registration database, the Fulton County Board of Elections announced that they will conduct a full audit of Voter Rolls

    Fulton's Countys announcement included:

    "In an attempt to eliminate the basis for these continued public comments regarding non-maintenance of
    Fulton County voter rolls, the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections will be conducting a full audit of our voter rolls. The following analysis will be conducted:
    • The Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections will be partnering with a geographic
    information system (GIS) analysis company to identify any possible invalid addresses or business
    addresses utilized for voter registration. Voters with any of these addresses will be contacted to
    rectify their voter registration information. The new GARVIS system allows any business addresses
    identified to be flagged which will prevent future use for new voter registrations.
    • We have obtained assistance from GIS data software to review the current alpha list of voters to
    identify any possible duplicate voter records. Any duplicated records identified will be researched
    and merged/rectified.
    These efforts will re-ensure Fulton County Voter Rolls are accurately maintained. Estimated completion date, April 30, 2023."

    Critics contend that Fulton has deliberately failed to investigate reports of erroneous data along with thousands of challenges to registrations which appear to no longer be eligible for registration based on Georgia law.

    Notably, Fulton failed to disclose the "GIS" company they will be "partnering" with, nor the process by which a company may have been chosen.

    Sources close to the matter state that evidence exists which shows Fulton has in some cases simply been ignoring these reports and challenges.

    Fulton has faced continued scrutiny since the now infamous "water main break" during tabulation of the 2020 Election. After election workers were released to go home, the water main break turned out to be a minor toilet leak. Meanwhile election workers appeared on video removing boxes of ballots from under tables and running them through tabulators, in some cases multiple times.

    In the days following, the 2020 election, Fulton's refusal to allow bi-partisan observation of the tabulation processes only exacerbated the issue.

    The Georgia Record and CD Media recently reported discovery of bodycam video of Ruby Freeman, one of the election workers captured on video, stating she wanted to tell the story of what happened during these incidents.


    This is a developing story, The Georgia Record will maintain vigilance on the fact surrounding Fulton announcement and bring those to you as they emerge.

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    Ethics, integrity and morals left a long time ago. Good luck with moving ahead. I think I see demogenes with his lantern at noon looking for an honest man down there.

    Plato v2.0

    They plan to fix all the addresses by adding one number to each house,fixing all the registration problems and e-ree-thang!


    Deorgia ACTUALLY a warlock, er, warnock...

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