• Groups Call for Direct Citizen Feedback to Stop HB 520

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    March 20, 2023
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    Mallory Staples, former U.S. House candidate, posted online asking people across Georgia to call Lt. Gov Burt Jones and key Senators ASAP and urge them to Stop HB 520. In part she said, "15 minutes and we can accomplish big things."

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    Mallory Staples and the Freedom Caucus alerted Georgians that Senators need to hear from us ASAP with regard to HB 520.

    They ask URGENTLY - please take time to CALL the following, respectfully and patriotically.    Urge them to stop the HB 520 Bill from proceeding any further.

    Lt. Gov Burt Jones            (404) 656-5030     Please ENCOURAGE him to kill the Bill and that Georgia will respect and recognize him for doing so.

    Senate Steve Gooch          404-656-5039       Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    Speaker Burns                   404-656-5020       Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    Senator Kay Kirkpatrick     (404) 656-3932     Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    Senator Ben Watson         (404) 656-7880      Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    Senator Chuck Hufstetler  (404) 656-0034      Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    Senator Frank Ginn           (404) 656-4700      Urge the Senator to stop Bill 520

    In recent days, concerns about as yet undefined terms and potential government infringement on freedoms have raised public outcry for the Bill to be stopped.

    Citizens, activists and medical personnel are all raising concerns and pointing out flaws in the premise of the Bill including the fact the "Serious Mental Illness" will be redefined within the Bill but not until Dec 2023, long after the Bill would become law. Even Senators on the H&HS Committe have voiced worries indicating that something so foundational to the working of the Bill and would have so many other things hinging upon it would be "a conern."

    Sources close to the matter suggest that Lt. Gov Burt Jones may have it in his power to simply stop the Bill. Senate leadership and those on the Health & Human Services Committee could likewise stop the Bill from proceeding further.

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    Lou Souders

    This bill could be used for more harm than good. Please vote against.HB520!

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