• When Does A Disgraced U.S. Congressman Become A Member Of A Board Of Advisors?

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    March 22, 2023
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    As our reporting on the local company Talitrix continues we now provide the third in our series.

    The story began two days ago, prompted by a substack published by Hank Sullivan, a Georgia citizen.

    Readers may review the first two installments in the series here:

    Who is Talitrix?

    Who is Talitrix Part II        

    Readers may view Mr. Sullivan’s substack post HERE.

    Since then, many more researchers have brought forward open source (publicly available) information, that they have gathered on Talitrix.

    Now, based on this new open source data we discuss additional people connected to Talitrix:

    Many will remember Mark Foley, the U.S. Representative from Florida who resigned in 2006  after the discovery of inappropriate messages between Foley and certain “Pages” and others.   (Pages are young, often teenage, interns who assist legislators in Congress.)

    A number of messages were published by CBS, NBC and others displaying the inappropriate and overtly suggestive nature of the communications. 

    ABC posted at that time: (CD Media note: excerpt to avoid more graphic communications)

    Mark Foley is now listed as a member of Talitrix’ Board of Advisors.

    Mark Foley has also been a registered lobbyist for Talitrix to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as the US Senate and US House of Representatives.  The Issues specified in the registration are:

    Foley appears to often use the DBA "Genesis Partner Palm Beach LLC" when doing business associated with lobbying. See his registration on behalf of Talitrix below:

    Given recent revelations regarding reported collaboration between Twitter, Facebook, DOJ, FBI, CIA and others, many are likely to be shocked by a U.S. company apparently presenting it’s products for use in intelligence and surveillance and immigration.

    More importantly, one wonders why a company whose executives travel to other States and present the company to State officials to support criminal and “mental health and drug” situations would employ or associate with someone who was compelled to resign a U. S. Congressional post because of widely reported inappropriate behavior with young people…..

    Given the number of current and former Georgia legislators working for, or investing in, Talitrix, it may be a fair question to ask why Todd Jones own LinkedIn profile does not list experience, position or even an association with the company.  This despite the fact that in testimony to Tennessee’s Senators and House members in 2021, he stated that he was the company’s Chairman.

    In 2021,  Tennessee, apparently noting Talitrix failure to register certain lobbyists,  published several violations of reporting requirements along the associated list of fines due.

    The Georgia Record will continue to report on this story as further information is acquired.

    All information herein is presented for public education based on publicly available sources. No allegations of any kind are intended.

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