• Miami-Dade REC Election Integrity Subcommittee Requests DeSantis Veto 'Election Integrity' Bill For Being Nothing Of The Sort

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    May 2, 2023
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    Will DeSantis do the right thing? Or will he uncover something about himself that Florida needs to know?

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    The Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Election Integrity Subcommittee has written a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis requesting that he veto SB7050/HB7067, the so-called 'election integrity' bill recently passed by the GOP-controlled Florida legislature.

    The Committee requested DeSantis veto the bill because the legislation actually codifies machine election fraud, rather than prevent it.

    The letter also explains the bill was written and passed without any input from Florida citizens, and was likely written by the election machine 'lobby' in Tallahassee.

    You can read the entire letter below:

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