• Update: Kemp Visiting Israel

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    May 22, 2023
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    The Georgia Record provides on update on the story we first posted a week ago regarding Brian Kemps visit to Israel. Why is Kemp going?

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    When The Georgia Record first posted this story, sources had shared that Kemp was planning a trip to Israel and that he was to be accompanied by at least one businessperson from Georgia. At that time Kemp's office claimed they had no information on a trip and referred us to the Governors website.

    On Wednesday, May 17th, two days later, the AP reported that Kemps office had confirmed a week-long trip to Israel for "Economic Development" and that Kemps wife and family would be joining him.

    Israel is Georgia's 34th largest export market with $280 million in exports in 2021 according to the state Department of Economic Development.

    The Governor issued several posts on Twitter detailing some of his stops:

    It will be interesting to note if there are as many posts around the events Israeli officials are planning for Kemp's visit.

    The Georgia Record obtained a copy of an invite from the US Ambassador to a reception to be held in Kemps honor:

    Serious questions arose earlier this year surrounding Kemp's trip to the World Economic Forum's Davos meeting. In at least one case, Kemp was videoed dodging reporter's questions about his agenda and slate of meetings while at the invitation-only event......

    Kemp's trip to Israel seems to have a similar cloak over it. Releases so far include statements similar to "It is not yet known what else Gov. Kemp has on the docket for his cross-country trip to Israel..."

    Many wonder how Israel was selected for the trip as it's amount of (and some say potential for) import/export business may be quite limited. What's next many ask...a trip to Ukraine?

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    Mad Celt

    Got to guarantee there will be a cash flow after he leaves office. This is how elected officials get wealthy, using their office to cut business deals.

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