• Globalist Kemp Promoting Georgia As Welcoming Home For CCP Companies

    By Staff
    June 3, 2023

    Videos, websites and personnel all aimed at getting China companies to place locations within Georgia

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    A comunique' from activist Debbie Dooley, highlights Kemps actions to open the door for CCP companies to come to Georgia.

    Some will say that Chinese companies are just businesses, but those who understand China strategy and laws know that businesses in China are inextricably linked to the CCP. Indeed, anything which is on the Chinese internet is defined by law as owned by the Chinese government.

    See Kemps pitch to the Chinese here:

    The website associated with the initiative is hosted in China as seen by the URL


    The webpage is clear on the objectives:

    Readers may find a bit a of research of China's "Belt and Road" initiative valuable.

    Simply stated, in a number of Countries including Africa and other areas, China has bid for or made significant investments in industrial projects and at the same time created a situation where the project outcome creates debt at a level that can not be met. As financial pressure mounts, China is a position to trade equity for debt and thus acquires part or all of certain projects. Is this the plan for Georgia? There's no way to prove that at this juncture but is it prudent to be concerned?

    Based on recent revelations and Kemps other actions in just the past few months, Georgians are finding it hard to understand Kemp's trip to Davos, his reluctance to discuss his meetings while there, and now the promotion of organizations tied to, or indeed controlled by, a communist regime. It seems nothing could be further from the ideals of Georgia's residents.

    Dooley further points out Kemp's changed tune on Trumps diplomacy, in 2018 when Kemp needed him in his race for Governor, he praised Trumps out-of-the-box diplomacy with North Korea, but recently trashed Trumps comment on Kim Jung Un:

    Add to the above Kemp's quite moves to form parallel but separate GOP organizations (ala. CCRC) not beholden to the Grassroots and Georgian's hair begins to stand up. The Georgia Record will be watching with interest how Kemp's reputation and credibility fare during the upcoming GOP Convention next week.

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    I heard Kemp had some
    Massive debts when he became
    Governor and it somehow got paid in a large deposit. The Communist Party brags often of buying politicians in at state level. One Tennessee Congressman was caught with Mao Zedong portraits in his house. China owns a good bit of Hollywood studios and guess who kisses the ring of The film industry. Our Logan act guy Kemp? Allegedly…


    This guy is a POS through and through. CCP owned. Got caught meeting with the CCP at their Houston, TX spy facility just before the 2020 election. The facility was later closed by the feds. Rigged the Georgia 2020 elections using fraudulent CCP ballots. Those fake ballots were found weeks later on numerous pallets in a Georgia warehouse. Kemp is as dirty as they come. One of the worst in US politics. Absolutely Gitmo worthy.

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    […] Globalist Kemp Promoting Georgia As Welcoming Home For CCP Companies […]


    Any way we can impeach Kemp for aiding and abetting the enemy? Burt Jones would be a-much better governor.

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