• VoterGA Releases Statement And Letter To All Election Officials Across GA - Updated With Fact Check on Raffensperger's Communications

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    June 21, 2023
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    VoterGA letter says in part, "The letter from the Secretary of State entitled 'Setting the Election Integrity Record Straight' actually does the opposite." Raffenspergers claims taking hit after hit.

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     As The Georgia Record reported yesterday, many of Raffenspergers actions and claims are coming back to haunt him and causing Georgia voter confidence to plummet.

    Yesterday continuing to try to counter the Halderman report, Raffensperger sent a letter making certain claims designed to assuage fears within the Election Departments and within the public.

    VoterGA today released another bomb with a statement and letter to Election Officials listing the errors and false claims made in Raffensperger's communications.

    VoterGA's Statement appears below:

    From: Garland Favorito
    Sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 4:17 PM
    Subject: IMPORTANT: Did the SOS Set the Election Security Record Straight?


    June 21, 2023

    Dear Georgia County Elections Directors,

    First of all, thank you for all that you do to secure Georgia elections under difficult circumstances that are not completely within your control. I am writing in response to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s public letter dated June 20, 2023, that was mentioned in the call yesterday afternoon with the county election directors.

    The letter from the Secretary of State entitled “Setting the Election Integrity Record Straight” actually does the opposite. I have attached a VoterGA Fact Check explaining why Secretary Raffensperger’s letter to you contained  15 false or misleading statements. If you would like more supporting detail for our Fact Check please contact me.

    The Secretary’s letter attempts to convince Georgia’s public officials that Georgia elections are secure. Ironically, Secretary Raffensperger is preventing anyone from proving elections are secure by fighting to keep ballots sealed after every election. Any reasonably intelligent person should be able to see this as the ultimate hypocrisy. No one can honestly claim security in their elections while continuously fighting to prevent transparency for those elections.

    The MITRE report mentioned in the letter and the call yesterday was funded by the Dominion voting system vendor and produced without access to any of Georgia’s voting equipment. Its non-standard approach to security analysis assumes perfect physical security procedures exist and it has already been discredited by 29 experts.

    By contrast, the Halderman Security Analysis mentioned in the call was produced with access to the Dominion voting system as part of the Curling v. Raffensperger case. It is important to remember this case was initiated in 2017 after the Center for Elections Center (CES) failed for six months to mitigate a server breach identified by a Bastille Threat Research Team member who reported it to them. Days after the case was filed, then CES Director Michael Barnes allowed the election servers to be wiped clean without properly mitigating the breach. Mr. Barnes was part of the call yesterday. Our VoterGA study documents the breach and that destruction of election data.

    In 2021, SB202 took a great first step in transparency by making public the digital ballot images used to produce cast vote records  and tabulate results. However, we found they are too low a resolution to detect counterfeits such as those senior pol managers identified during a 2020 hand count in one county. In that same county we further determined that the ballot images were electronically altered before 2020 results were certified.  That is why making only ballot images public is inadequate to ensure the security of Georgia elections.

    To prove elections are secure, physical ballots must be unsealed and subject to Open Records Requests immediately after an election is certified. These public records should be available for inspection in the custody of election officials and for high resolution copying at the requestor’s expense independently of the voting equipment.  They can then be used to verify election results, detect counterfeits, facilitate election security and restore voter trust in Georgia elections.


    Garland Favorito


    404 664-4044 CL

    VoterGA's letter refuting Raffenspoerger's claims appears below::

    VoterGA also produced a point-by-point Fact Check on Raffenspergers communications:

    As the debate proceeds, Raffensperger and his office seem tone deaf to the feedback from Election Directors across the State, saying the GARVIS voter registration systems have numerous errors and flaws.

    Apparently trying to avoid putting even more fuel on the fire, they are focusing on the challenge of implementing "fixes and upgrades" and how expensive and complex such a step would be.

    They are however avoiding discussion of the Halderman conclusion that since the election systems were not designed from the ground up to be secure, simple fixes will not solve the problems.

    Raffensperger and his office seem to be in constant defense mode as the evidence from the Halderman report becomes more well known and Georgians are shown that the voting machines were never secure, that the report detailing the problems was given to Raffensperger in July 2021 (two years ago,) and only now is he speaking about and trying to discredit the report.

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    Personally, I don’t believe Brad Raffensberger “won” every county in Georgia in his last election. I strongly believe the man should be impeached, recalled, or whatever you do to a crooked, politician trying to derail the fair voting process.

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