• Citizen Researcher Shines Bright Light On Loeffler, Raffensperger And MITRE And What You Need To Know

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    June 26, 2023
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    In his latest substack article, Hank Sullivan highlights dynamics and connections that may give a sense of the chess game going on just out of sight.

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    In recent months Hank Sullivan has earned a reputation as a careful researcher while exposing connections between proposed legislation and companies and individuals poised to potentially benefit from such new laws.

    His new substack focuses on Kelly Loeffler, Brad Raffensperger, Dominion voting and the MITRE report Raffensperger is using to attempt to discredit the Halderman report released in the last days.

    Mr. Sullivan appeared on Voice of Rural America - view here:

    In reviewing Loeffler, he points out recent apparent attempts to paint Loeffler as a woman of the people. Something that could prove challenging as people learn more of her private jet, quiet trips and wealth said to be in the billion-dollar range.

    Mr. Sullivan also notes that Loeffler, like several notable figures, seems to be responding to the Halderman report by recommending the Secretary of State install "fixes" to mitigate faults in Georgia's election systems reported by Halderman. What she and others don't say is that Halderman's conclusions confirm that simple fixes are not going to solve the risks because the systems are not designed nor built to be secure.

    Sullivan's substack acknowledges that Raffensperger has tried to position the MITRE report as an independent study to refute the Halderman findings and conclusions. Raffensperger fails to state that the MITRE report was "commissioned" by Dominion Voting Systems and did not actually test the systems as Dr. Alex Halderman did in conducting his studies.

    Sullivan also brings out certain connections that MITRE, it's Board and Executives have to non-conservative groups including the Atlantic Council and others.

    For those who wish to learn about MITRE and why they don't appear anything like an "independent" study organization, we recommend a review of Mr. Sullivan's findings:

    Read Hank Sullivan's Substack HERE

    We look forward to further analysis by Mr. Sullivan and will bring further news as it develops.

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