• The Time For Vigilance And Feedback To Our Legislators Is Right Now And Anytime

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    July 6, 2023
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    Public feedback and guidance may be offered to members of the Georgia General Assembly 365 days a years, even outside of legislative sessions.

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    Readers will remember the fervor with which citizens offered feedback, both for and against, certain Bills during the last legislative session of the Georgia General Assembly.

    On more than one occasion legislators were noted mentioning the increased amount of public participation they saw in and around the Capitol.

    As the session came to a end on Sine Die, there was a palpable exhale of emotion and urgency.

    However, the same citizens who worked so hard last session should be aware that many of the Bills which failed to pass because of public concerns may (and probably will) resurface during the next regular session just six months away. Some may even be cause for a special session called to address legislation desired before the next regular session can convene.

    Likewise, desirable Bills (School Choice is one that comes to mind) can also resurface and, with enough public attention, may be positioned to pass early next year.

    In both cases, the time is now to begin sending the message that eyes are on the legislators and the People of Georgia are involved to see that Bills that truly benefit Georgia residents may pass and Bills that have little value need to be defeated.

    Other powers are busily trying to pitch and position certain Bills in order to reduce, eliminate (maybe bypass) public concerns prior to the re-emergence of these measures later this year.

    During the legislative session early this year, The Georgia Record was pleased to work with a number of groups to help defeat Bills with obvious defects and conflicts, while also pushing info needed for citizens to support key measures in election integrity. health and education.

    We look forward to doing even more this year and will continue our aim of bringing the Truth out about key Bills and legislative dynamics now and through the coming year.

    In the mean time consider past bad Bills like Roaches, just when you think you've taken care of them all, they can show up again.

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