• DeSantis Ducking Into Alcoves To Avoid Laura Loomer And Other Reporters - What Leadership! Or.... What? Leadership?

    By Staff
    January 13, 2024

    Looks Like Rich McCormick and David Clark May Have Their Hands Full Stumping For DeSantis

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    DeSantis is having a tough time in Iowa so far. Between frigid weather and less than welcoming Iowans he continues to leave the impression that many say misses the mark by a "mile" for those shopping for a presidential choice.

    Laura Loomer posted video of DeSantis in his hotel, ducking into a concession alcove rather than face questions from her and other reporters. DeSantis security peoepl blocked the entrance to the "snack area" then blocked Loomer and others from being to get close as DeSantis made his way to the elevator where they again blocked the way by holding up their coats.

    Many Georgians were surprised to hear that Rich McCormick and David Clark announced they would be going to Iowa to support DeSantis. One wonders what they expect the outcome to be and if they decision is based on something other than the views and wishes of their constituents.

    Rich McCormick got concerning reviews when he went to Ukraine to show support before voting to send Billions more to the Country.

    DeSantis had trouble getting attendees during the latest appearances in Iowa:

    As for McCormick and Clark, someone recently said: "When someone shows you who they are...believe them."

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    Ron DeSantis is KNOWN to be very uncomfortable in unscripted situations. This has marked his entire career. His handlers should have recognized that, and put him in a minor role. They made the mistake of front-lining him to the POTUS run, and it has been a disaster ever since.

    Last edited 5 months ago by PatKat

    Sooo disgusted by David Clark!

    Mad Celt

    If he can't handle the press he'll never be able to handle his political opponents.

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