• MTG Hunger Games - Now She's Cheating On MAGA

    July 17, 2023

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    Marjorie Taylor Greene is now being propped up by Greg Bluestein of the AJC.

    If that doesn't tell you something about who she is working for, then you're not paying attention.

    “Marjorie Taylor Greene now says she likes being a ‘free agent.’ Well guess what Marjorie, have at it,” he said, comparing Greene’s fight with U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., to “a high school girl who went to the bathroom to smoke," declared GA GOP First Vice Chair Brian Pritchard on his recent show, reported AJC.


    “I know people in her district that she should be communicating with, the grassroots coordinators of her district that she should be in tune with, that she now tells to please speak with my staff,” he said.

    Pritchard particularly took issue with Greene’s recent comments about Freedom Caucus members like his congressman, U.S. Rep. Andrew Clyde, R-Athens. She said that unlike them, she does not live in “conservative fantasy land.”

    “If your member of Congress voted against the debt ceiling. Everything coming out of this woman’s mouth is a direct shot at your member of Congress,” he said.

    The Congressman has made a lot of promises to rural Georgians in the past few years. Is she delivering? Or is she just pandering for your money, while she sells the US of A down the toilet?

    MTG obviously has new friends, they are just not the grassroots of Georgia.

    I wonder what she's been promised?

    And, why does President Trump still talk to her?

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    MTG lost me when she so very vigorously backed McCarthy. Now her position is clear.


    The "steinian" name is troubling for sure, BUT she hasn't PHYSICALLY damaged anything/anyone ...yet. (unlike a 1964 "great experiment").


    Margorie Traitor Greene


    Yeah, throw Virginia Foxx(R) into that group when she bowed to Bohner(R) and then miraculously got a committee assignment (power). And now District 10 in NC, McHenry(R) actually wrote the word salad for McCarthy. And another NC turd Thom Tillis(R) who betrays us at EVERY turn. Thankfully the always corrupt Burr(R) retired.

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