• What Happens To Children Who Do Not Have Parents That Look Out For Their Best Interests?

    August 8, 2023

    Instead of seeking to dismember unborn children in the womb or see them trafficked and raped and abused, we as a people must overcome satan's desire to reverse God's plan. 

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    Virtuous Women are worth more than rubies. We are mothers of nations. Every human in history has been born of a woman. Jesus Christ Himself had no earthly father but chose to be born of a woman. We are a big deal. That's why satan wants to get rid of us.

    If he can imprison, weaken, feminize, and decrease the testosterone-fueled Alpha male as God created him to protect, provide, and lead, then he can get to the women and children. If he can erase the immense value of womanhood and motherhood, he can get to the children.

    If he can convince mothers and fathers to murder their own children in the most gruesome of ways, he can also convince them to sell them sexually as an income stream, to abuse them, to treat them as merchandise.

    If satan can convince young people that gender and sexuality are fluid and sex is casual, they will make children that can be sacrificed to him via abortion and cruelty. 

    Those same people will become so depressed, so alone, so far from who God designed them to be, they will be tormented spiritually, emotionally, physically. There is a reason depression, suicide, and homicide rates are so high in these demographics where the blurred lines are.

    If he can convince the world that there are way too many people in it, they will stop wanting to have kids, stop wanting to procreate, and go so far as seeking to depopulate the earth that God told us to fill with new humans.

    God describes children as a blessing from heaven, as arrows in a mighty man's quiver. Opening the womb of a woman was yearned for. Still is by many who have trouble conceiving. He is the Creator who fearfully amd wonderfully designed us male and female, in His image. He masterfully coded us genetically (another thing satan has come to steal and destroy lately w covid shots), down to making us each a one of a kind original.  His owner's manual contains the instructions for life. 

    We need to flip satan's script. We are created male or female, designed to partner via sacred marriage covenant with one man or one woman of the opposite sex for life. In the safety and security of that marriage, we are supposed to make lots and lots of babies and train them up in the nurture and admonition of The Lord to go be better than us. To be launched out like arrows in the spiritual warfare against satan. Trained for war. Not to be in our basements when they are 30.

    We have all been duped by satan into thinking our default sin nature is somehow good. But there is none righteous, no, not one.  All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The quickest way to God is to have your eyes opened to the fact that we have been epically duped. Played. Bamboozled. Conned like the mark in a Hollywood movie. That feeling is....humbling. It sucks. But it's there that we see ourselves as we truly are, sinners in need of a Savior. 

    But each of us, and then the collective of us, needs to stop this madness. Just stop. Admit we have been played, and ask Jesus to save us from the chaos and evil satan is gleefully orchestrating around us as he walks about like a roaring lion seeking souls to devour. Like born again babies, we need to relearn it all the right way. Get back to the basics, which are actually very simple. Put on our armor, and run out these principalities and powers of this world in the power of Christ, which we have been given. We can cast out devils and heal the sin sick in Jesus's name.

    Believers, you have to step up now. Start with prayer on offense for the people whose names you can think of around you. More Bible, less Netflix. Talk to God about it all - He has prepared a feast for you at a table in the presence of your enemies. He is sitting, inviting us into an intimate dinner or breakfast date with Him, but we treat Him like a drive thru snack service. That table is in the midst of our struggles, so others can come taste and see. Just sit and spend time w Jesus, and start praying for others. He will guide you from there.

    And if you are like I was 23 years ago, stunned and sick to your stomach as you awaken from the matrix and realize the world as it really is...just ask Jesus to save you from hell, take you off satan's team and onto His instead.  Ask believing that He is the most influential figure in history, the one all of time counted down to and counts up from. Believe that He is the Son of God, and just ask. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

    ...Then God will give you some milk and burp you and change your diapers and clean up the mess you've made and it will be ugly for a minute.  Like dumping out your closets and cabinets so you can Kondo them. But it is so worth it. And these babies need us. God's children are not for sale.

    One angel can kill 185,000, and Jesus said *he* could easily call down 12 legions of them.

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    Alisha Houston

    Alisha Houston is a 4th generation army veteran born in Alaska. After moving to Atlanta as a teen, Alisha went from Grady High to graduate on the dean's list from West Point as the Academy's 184th black female grad since 1802. Alisha served as a logistics officer both stateside and at NATO. Alisha is currently The Real Estate Rep and provides Concierge Residential Brokerage and sales Negotiation Services.

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    […] What Happens To Children Who Do Not Have Parents That Look Out For Their Best Interests? […]


    they become worthless dimocraps


    The children must be rescued.


    They become the sex toys of the perverted, you know, democrats...


    The children must be rescued!

    B Seidem

    Results? Jails are 50% black inmates but only 18% of the general pop. Scientists have said: if a city moved its black pop elsewhere crime would drop 98% in that city.


    Maybe NGOs like Catholic Charities could help rescue some of the 85,000 unaccounted for children brought into this country by the sex/drug cartels instead of enabling them.

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