• Lt. Gov Tries To Sow Seeds Of Doubt Despite Increasing Support For Trump

    By Staff
    August 16, 2023

    Photo: YouTube clip/CNN

    Says Trump "lying and misleading us and taking our Republican party straight to the ditch." (This in contrast to the actual polls)

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    Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan showed his colors by stating in his hope that Republicans would believe the indictment’s alleged findings,  Even the CNN anchor replied, “Your hope is not echoed by the vast majority of Republicans who still say in polling that they believe that Biden didn’t legitimately win the election…”, “ and its not something shared by most of the people running against Trump.”

    CNN then put up a graphic showing that current polling indicates 69% of Republican and Republican leaning voters think the election was not legitimately won by Biden.

    Duncan went on to say “the right thing to do is to call Donald Trump out for lying misleading us and taking our republican party straight to the ditch.”

    Duncan's choice of words will likely be seen as unfortunate as people recall that in February of this year the AJC reported Governor Kemp “urges donors to ditch traditional party.”

    Seems like both have dirt on their mind.

    Meanwhile  Duncan’s comments seem incredibly tone-deaf in the face of the latest polls showing Trump with a +39 point lead over DeSantis and a +51 point lead over Ramaswamy (see below from realclearpolitics.com)  One wonders who Duncan is speaking to, his own party or the Democrats. 

    Apparently Duncan doesn’t care what the people want.   He also fails to mention that in many Counties across Georgia America-First candidates (seen as heavily in favor of Trump) have been elected to lead the local Republican parties.

    When asked about the outcome of the indictments he also said he saw “no scenarios that surprise me.” 

    This is in stark contrast to the public who saw some felony charges based on nothing more than text message requests for phone numbers and individual public tweets.   

    One of the charges against Trump calls out a tweet from President which reads “Georgia hearings no on @OANN Amazing!”

    Perhaps in the world Mr. Duncan lives in, (or expects to live in) such things are not deemed free speech but are deemed crimes against the ruling class.

    Thinking people, listening to Duncan’s comments, say they recognize a frenzied push for anything that will form a block in Donald Trump’s path.  

    But what people like “Jeff Duncan” fail to recognize is the perceived movement forward is no longer just Trump, but the millions upon millions of people by his side and behind him whose force of will demands that the Truth of the 2020 elections (and more) be found, exposed and that justice and transparency once again become the foundation of those who govern America.

    To see Duncans full comments CLICK HERE.

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    Yeah, duncan is a liar just like kemp, rathinspeger, and carr. The truth is fixin to come out and a whole lot of folks are going to bite the dust. It's fixin to get real ugly. If Georgia keeps insisting on using these machines, the people are fed up with the whole process.

    JT Fulton County

    INVESTIGATE THE OFFICE OF CORRUPT DISTRICT ATTORNEY FANI WILLIS https://mailchi.mp/coltonmoore.com/investigatewillis

    Huff Croxton

    It’s not clear from the article that Geoff Duncan is a FORMER Lieutenant Governor. The current Lieutenant Governor of Georgia is Burt Jones, who was the only Trump endorsed candidate to survive the Dominion fix in the 2022 primary.


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