• Jon Burns Uncloaked - Issues Stunning Letter To Steer Attention Away From Fani Willis Prosecutorial Misconduct

    By Staff
    August 31, 2023

    Burns can't hide the shadow he casts on credibility.

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    As more and more people read and understand the nature of the outlandish charges filed by D.A. Fani Willis again Trump and 18 other defendants, they are speaking out against those who pretend there's nothing wrong with the process followed by Willis.

    GA Speaker of the House Burns issued an astounding letter which attempts to minimize those calling out Fani Willis and her bizarre indictments, some of which are for simply sending tweets and texts and exercising free speech. He went so far as to call these questions about Willis' conduct and the legislatures powers "misleading and false."

    Throughout the past two years many have heard the excuse "we don't have that power" but also remember that when those same legislators wish to have something done, they somehow find a way to make it so.

    The days of pretense are coming to a close.

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    Last edited 8 months ago by cazija

    Jon Burns condescending deflection & denial of the obvious corruption of Fani Willis. He must live in closet.


    This article fails to mention who John Burns actually is or the political position he holds. Maybe, add some context to this article so those that are not following GA politics might better understand the importance of the article.

    Harry L Guzaliak Jr

    He's the speaker of the house, It states it in the article .

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