• BREAKING UPDATE: The Day Josh McKoon Said He Would Help Me Get Documents For The Actual Georgia GOP Party

    May 1, 2024

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    UPDATE: Sources report that the committee formed last year to address the structure of the GOP/GOP, Inc. has met ONCE for less than an hour with NO REPORT, and a second meeting requested this month was BLOCKED - Are they hiding something?


    Throughout the past months We have reported on the growing concern surrounding the disparity between the Georgia GOP party and the Georgia GOP Party, Inc.     In late 2023 I pursued what I hoped was an opportunity to bring the concern to closure.

    I attended the Gwinnett GOP meeting held October 11th 2023. Josh McKoon, GOP Chairman, showed up to discuss the Fani Willis charges against the 19 defendants including President Trump, and gave explanation of how the electors were chosen and also gave a review of the Hayes-Tilden election case in 1876 which led to a “pause” by Congress to allow an investigation of the election.

    After several speakers had concluded, their remarks the meeting was adjourned and people congregated around the room in small groups of conversation.

    I approached Josh McKoon and spoke to him face to face, just in front of the stage and podium where the presenters had addressed the crowd.

    In the spirit of bringing a tough issue to closure, I asked him again to help clear up the concerns surrounding the GOP party and the GOP Party Inc,  one of which is that the GOP Party, Inc. documents indicate IT HAS NO MEMBERS yet Republicans across Georgia have paid dues and believe they are a member of the GOP.

    Georgia Republican Party, Inc. - Article of Incorporation pg. 2-3

    We went through several minutes of discussion including Josh stating that nothing had changed in the past several years, so we should be confident in the current structure,  and that they were waiting for a court case to conclude so that they could clean up the confusion.

    Having already heard these arguments throughout previous months, I asked again for Josh to please help me get any documents showing that the GOP had filed documents in the last couple of years (as required by the Federal Election Commission), and further invited him to deliver those to me on The Georgia 2024 show in the hopes of assuaging the concerns regarding the party structure..

    After a few minutes of me restating the request Josh finally agreed he would help me get  documents.

    I recontacted him by text message the following day and asked him to send the documents along and reinforced that he could come on the show to discuss he situation.

    My text messages to Josh, sent October 12th 2023 appears below:

    When I received no response I sent a further text message asking that the documents be sent by Noon, October 13, 2023.

    I never received any of the requested documents related to the Georgia GOP.   

    The next text communication from Josh was November 4, 2023 announcing that President Trump had been the first candidate to submit their candidate paperwork.

    Why did Josh not take this opportunity to provide some (any) of the paperwork which was required by Georgia law but which no one has been able to produce after two years of repeated requests?

    Last weekend, during the 7th District GOP Convention held in Forsyth County, I had the opportunity to meet and shake hands with Alex Kaufman, Attorney for the Georgia GOP.      We said hello and I good-naturedly said I had heard that Mr. Kaufman was ready to provide me the documents associated with the Georgia GOP Party. 

    He responded that they were available from the Georgia Secretary of State’s website to which I answered “no not the documents of the corporation, the documents for the actual party.”     His answer was, “they’re the same thing.”     

    I pointed to several attorneys sitting in the delegation, with whom I had spoken with earlier in the convention, and said that I knew, and he [Kaufman] knew, they were not the same thing and the attorneys sitting just feet away would agree they are not the same.      Kaufman excused himself and went on to other conversations.

    In addition to the questions above, why do Georgia GOP Officials continue to downplay the difference(s) between the Georgia GOP Party, created through OCGA Title 21, and the Georgia GOP, Inc. created under OCGA Title 14 law?

    Georgia law requires certain documents to be filed each time there are certain changes in the “party” yet for more than 8 years none of these filings has been visible nor produced to the public.

    Who should have copies?   The Georgia Secretary of States office (Brad Raffensperger.)   Yet when asked for the documents, the SoS General Counsel, Charlene McGowen, has only produced the documents associated with the corporation.  When pressed on where the GOP Party documents may be obtained, she  has pointed to the State archives, which has in-turn stated they have no such documents on file.

    Is there a true Republican Party, with actual members, still in existence in Georgia?    If so, one would think showing that to be the case would require little effort and very little time.

    John McKoon himself acknowledged the issue in a video he produced prior to his election entitled "Seven Mountains":

    Why then has this issue lingered in apparent secrecy for several years with now the GOP attorney claiming there is no difference between the two types of organizations?

    I believe there is more to be known here.


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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    It's very clear that the leaders in this state are lawless, lying tyrants.


    Those filings are publicly available at GASoS business listings.

    Stefan Bartelski

    Read the article properly and you will see that the only filings available are ones under OCGA Title 14. Mr. Quinn is asking about the documents required under Title 21 for a POLITICAL party and not a commercial business.

    Sarah Thompson

    Kemp & Raff seem to think that because they have been responsible for both the State Elections and State Corporations Divisions, they can swap paperwork work between divisions whenever the need arises.

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