• LIVESTREAM REPLAY 5/15/22 - The Georgia 2022 Show!

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    May 13, 2022
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    Hosts L Todd Wood and Christine Dolan speak with GA Gubernatorial Candidate Senator David Perdue, Richard Baris from Big Data Poll on the CDMedia/Big Data Poll released in GA this week, Marci McCarthy, Chairman of the Dekalb County GOP, and GA State Senate District 48 Candidate Kevin Grindlay.

    Quote from Senator David Perdue on the dismissal of the Fulton County ballot inspection case:

    “Today’s ruling is another example of how the establishment continues to cover up what happened in 2020, and we will vigorously appeal the decision. Courts across the country have been dismissing cases not based on evidence, but because of procedural nonsense. Enough with all the excuses – people deserve to know what happened and those who committed the fraud should go to jail. If our elected officials and courts won’t enforce the law, where do voters and candidates go to challenge voter fraud?”

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