• No More "Oath" To The GOP To Attend the Upcoming Georgia Precinct Caucuses On Feb 11

    By Staff
    February 7, 2023

    On Saturday morning, Feb 11, the following counties will be conducting Precinct Caucuses to reorganize for the 2024 Election, due to their population over 80,000:

    Excerpt from the 2023 Convention Call, which can be found at goreclaimga.org

    In order to properly represent one of the two established political parties in the state, it is imperative that conservative citizens across the state attend their voting precinct caucus. At that time, they will join with their neighbors to cast votes for officer and delegates positions to advance to their county convention on Mar 11. At convention, citizens will vote for county officers. Showing up at precinct caucus is 90% of accomplishing successful reorganization in preparation for the 2024 elections. Additionally, aware citizens would be very "Republican" to invite all of their like-minded friends.

    To obtain information about your meeting, visit your County GOP Facebook page, which can be accessed directly from the Georgia Republican Party site. Click on "Find my County" to connect directly. There is no need to pre-register. However, arrive around 9am to get in line. The line for participants will be cutoff at 10am.

    Additionally, after several years of legal concerns, the requirement to take an "oath" to the Republican Party to participate as a member in convention and party affairs has finally ended. This is directly due to the challenge of Republicans in Bulloch County last week. An oath is required when one runs for public office; a signature of affirmation and accordance with party principles, aims, and purposes is the requirement for participation in party officer primary elections. This is excellent news to protect citizens.

    For a quick video explanation of precinct caucuses, and how to easily prepare, you may visit this exclusive GoReclaimGA video link.

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    True—you do not have to pre-register. But it is highly recommended!!!
    PLEASE pre-register if you are in Gwinnett!


    It is highly restrictive of the Georgia GOP to limit their annual caucus information to members of Facebook only.
    My county's GOP page on FB is not public, meaning I must join Facebook to see any information.
    This is either a large oversight or a plan to exclude those who do not participate in social media.
    Politics as usual, is my guess.

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