• ERIC Founder Stepping Down From Board, Is ERIC Floundering?

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    March 15, 2023
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    David Becker, founder of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) has announced he will not seek re-nomination to the board

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    “Today, I informed [ERIC] that I will not accept renomination as a non-voting member of the board when my term expires this week,” he announced in a tweet on Tuesday. “I remain very proud of leading the effort to create ERIC, and supporting its expansion to over half the states in a decade.”

    In recent weeks The Georgia Record has reported on the parade of States who have chosen to cease working with ERIC. Problems and complaints have been cited frequently.

    During a visit by Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen to ERIC HQ in Washington DC, Secretary Allen found the offices empty with no sign of people, nor servers. Tensions have continued to rise as voters ask where their voter information may be and what security measures are in place to protect the data.

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