• Why Do So Many Roads Lead To Ukraine?

    By Staff
    May 1, 2023
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    Rupert Murdock and his son Lachlan Murdock each held calls with Zelenski in the weeks leading up to Tucker Carlson's dismissal from the FOX network, why?

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     Yesterday, Semafor reported that Rupert Murdock held a previously unreported call with Ukraine's Zelenski this spring. On March 15, Murdock's son Lachlan Murdock help a similar call.

    Tucker Carlson left the FOX network little more than a week ago.

    Semafor's report included:

    "The Murdoch’s have not revealed which of Carlson’s many provocations triggered his firing, and there’s no particular suggestion that Zelenski — whom Carlson had called a “dictator” — delivered the final blow.

    But Carlson’s firing will immediately relieve pressure on key Capitol Hill Ukraine supporters whom Carlson had criticized on air — and sometimes pressed behind the scenes to change their positions on the war.

    Texas Rep. Michael McCaul has been one of the most outspoken Republican supporters of the US support for Ukraine, stepping out of line to occasionally reprimand figures in his own party who do not share his views on the subject."

    FOX has suffered a major decline in it's viewership since Carlson left. Even NPR admits, "You've seen ratings basically fall off a cliff this week for those who have been substituting for him. It was down, you know, significant chunk. It's down almost 50% in the days since his departure. And you've seen the rise concomitantly of this much smaller right-wing rival, Newsmax.

    It seems that viewers believe and follow those who tell the Truth, rather than aligning with a network who seems more intent on hiding the truth.

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    Christian Stormark

    That's where the bodies are buried. US has been doing business there since the nineties. And since Joe became VP the crimes has skyrocketed with his crack addict son as bagman. Zelensly has 'em by the balls, cuz he knows where the bodies are buried, so they can't let go of him, and he can't let go of them. He's running around in his green t-shirt doing his stand-up show. And he's good at it. All to the tune of Joe's billions.

    Now, are we gonna see missiles raining on DC after they escalate this

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