• America-First County GOP Boards Already Applying Changes In Their Approach To Governance

    By Staff
    May 17, 2023

    Newly elected County GOP Boards are looking for ways to correct previous poor decisions and attract new participants and members to their organizations.

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    During County GOP Conventions held in April of this year, many Counties voted for America-First candidates focused on true conservative (and broadly held) values.

    In many cases these newly seated Boards are already making changes in the way they govern their organizations - changes which members and the public seem to like.

    In one of the latest moves, Forsyth County's Republican Party voided the nomination for an Election Board seat which had been previously submitted by the past Chairman. The nomination was found to be contrary to the law since the decision was made by one person without even a vote or concurrence from the GOP Executive Committee of Forsyth.

    Instead, Forsyth will hold an open transparent process, in compliance with the law, to identify, interview and select an Election Board nominee who best represents the interests of Forsyth County and Georgia.

    The Forsyth Board has also signaled that members and especially Precinct chairs will be part of the decision-making process going forward. Many will participate in committees formed to address areas of highest priority for the organization.

    How's it going? The Board reported last evening that Forsyth membership is up over 35% in just the first 70 days.

    Members in attendance noted expanded, regular communication from the organization and neighboring GOP County Boards note the open collaborate atmosphere across Counties since the April elections.

    With the State GOP Convention only a few weeks away, it's worth noting that Kemp, Raffensperger and Carr have chosen not to attend the event. One wonders what ideas these leaders might gain from examining the dynamics surrounding these America-First Boards and why they would take steps to avoid exposure to what appears to be improving governance and participation.

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    Boyd Parks

    It is great to hear that more people are getting involved in more counties. Cobb GOP has grown tremendously now that we have great, America-First leaders. The same is true with the 11th CD organization. It is very exciting that when citizens see things run properly and with the involvement of the precinct leaders and the members at large, more are inclined to affiliate.

    Marie Gualtiere

    So glad to hear of your work.

    Last edited 1 year ago by Marie Gualtiere

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