• Laura Ingraham Tells Trump To Stop Talking About 2020

    July 22, 2023

    Does this explain why Fox continues to fall in viewership?

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    Laura Ingraham had some direct advice for President Trump, "Stop talking about 2020." She explained that attacking "popular" Governors in battleground states is "self-destructive."

    Maybe Ms. Ingraham thinks that a trip to Davos to rub shoulders with Klaus Schwab devotees has increased Kemp's popularity. Maybe the decision to skip the Statewide GOP Convention at which Trump spoke was designed to increase popularity and trust. If that were true why has he publicly stated a need to move away from the Republican Party? Are they not participating in this popularity?

    Apparently Ingraham also hasn't reviewed the results from the straw poll at the Turning Point which measured Trumps support at 85.7%, and she must not have seen the latest polls showing other contenders falling behind (Harvard-Harris poll shows DeSantis in a statistical dead heat with Ramaswamy with both barely in double digits - while Trump is at 52%.)

    Ingraham says the public wants a "winner" not a "whiner," but the numbers say the public opinion of what makes a winner seems to favor Trump.

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    William Quinn

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    Zola Holt

    Still waiting for Fox News to describe all the investigation they did to conclude that 2020 election result was legitimate. Ingraham knows what she needs to say to keep her job.


    Even aside from her obvious bow to the Uniparty talking points...this is annoying. I hate it when biographers talk about the person smugly, sitting in judgement as if the biographer is a perfect human being. Likewise, it's hard to watch when news people lecture the real people who are in the middle of a fight, as if the news people are all-knowing.


    I have absolutely no respect for presstitudes. Ingraham, Hannity, MacCallum,and every other TV host who sell their souls in return for a paycheck signed and behavior directed by their masters (ex: Rupert/Lachlan/James Murdoch) are the least among us to have the privilege of offering advice to those of us who have not.


    It amazes me that Hannity is so liked by DJT. Hasn't he learned yet who to trust, this guy is one of the sneakiest RINOS on Fox yet DJT still elevates him.

    Mark Gilbaugh

    Does anyone listen to this grifter anymore and if you do the question is why? This phony was telling Trump to give up 3 days after the election in 2020. Like the rest of the Faux Newz cockroaches just feeding off Murdoch's crapola.


    I never liked her from when she had a talk show, I started to listen to her as being she is from CT, my state I thought I would enjoy her views. However, it took me a short time to realize she was all about herself, a self centered woman with one thing in mind, to advance at whatever it took. She made it and now she is a RINO big time, a hanger on, a person who will say anything when needed. She is just about hanging in there.

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