• Georgia GOP Chairman Issues Statement Following Indictment Of Trump And 18 Others

    By Staff
    August 15, 2023

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    GOP Chair, Josh McKoon issued the attached statement following last night's indictment of Trump and 18 others.

    A list of dozens of types of charges was applied across the 19 charged with some charges claiming individual "tweets" constituted felonies. 

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    You are not allowed to question the outcome of an election UNLESS YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT.
    1. Hillary Clinton denied the results of the 2000 and 2016 presidential elections, believed there were legitimate questions regarding the integrity of the 2004 presidential election, and said that Stacey Abrams would have won the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election against Gov. Brian Kemp if it had been fair.

    A. Y.

    A good letter and an important first step. More important however is what actions will follow. A flurry of motions in this this case (for prosecutorial misconduct, etc.), separate lawsuits, fast-tracking of constitutional questions to the Supreme Court should be filed immediately.

    Those of us who are appalled at our country's rapid descent into banana republic status keep waiting for appropriately aggressive counterACTION by Republicans...which never comes! Ds wins in 2024 will be permanent!

    Enword G. Robbinsome

    The Georgia GOP is controlled by commie-nazi thugs. 2020 was stolen - it's beyond question. Kemp is a fascist pig.

    Infringed ny

    According to Fani Willis' definition of racketeering, isn't she guilty of racketeering as well?

    JT Fulton County

    Thank GOD for the new Georgia GOP! We got rid of many establishment RINOs and are fortunate to have a truly conservative GA GOP. Thank you, Josh, for the excellent statement. If Trump goes down, we ALL go down. They know who voted for President Trump, so if he is found to be a treasonous, what do you all think will happen to those of us who voted for him? This lawfare must stop now. GA has a newly-created law enabling a panel to remove DAs who are derelict or unethical in their duties. Use it.

    Michele Sarkisian

    Excellent réponse. Thank you. Georgia is an embarrassment, including Raffensperger and Kemp, when it comes to elections. They Know And the Board of Commissioners has been repeatedly provided with tens of thousands of bad voters including dead people, underage, out of state, with addresses of PO Boxes, empty lots, commercial buildings, bridges and even names such as first name "no name" and last name "no name"! The public showed up repeatedly at BOC meetings only to be ignored. Keep Reporting!

    Bob Travis

    Good letter! How are you coming with the gallows?

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