• Updated: Is This Why Burt Jones Is Not One Of The Indicted?

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    August 15, 2023
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    Photo capture: 11Alive News

    The same Judge that disqualified Fani Willis from pursuing Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, was the judge who last night joked after signing the indictments her office handed down. His wife is a Clinton, Obama and Biden donor.

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    Many asked this morning how Burt Jones failed to be named as one of the defendants on the indictments brought by Fani Willis.

    Perhaps they had forgotten that in July 2022, a Fulton County Judge disqualified Fani Willis from being able to target Burt Jones as part of the special grand jury investigation. 11Alive reported the ruling at the time.

    Judge Robert McBurney approved a motion to disqualify the District attorney from "publicly categorizing him as a subject or target (or anything else) of the grand jury’s investigation." Additionally, the D.A. "may not ask the grand jury to include any recommendations about him in their final report."

    Interestingly, it was this same Judge McBurney who last night signed the indictments brought down by Fani Willis' office. After signing the documents last night the Judge took time to joke about the proceedings with the press who were present in the courtroom: "Was it everything you'd hoped for?"

    A review of the Judges wife, Courtney McBurney, using Open Secrets shows she has been a donor to Clinton, Obama and Biden. Impartiality is a prerequisite for effective judgement. This finding regarding Courtney McBurney now places a question in the minds of many as to whether tis Judge should recuse himself before the case goes any further.

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