• Updated: Georgia Senator Colton Moore Demands A Special Session To Review The Actions Of Fani Willis

    By Staff
    August 17, 2023

    Moore issues petition, asks for signatures to drive the investigation of Fani Willis (petition link included)

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    Georgia State Senator Colton Moore today went on social media to call on Gov. Kemp to convene a special session of the legislature to include "a review and response to the actions of Fani Willis."

    Sen. Moore said in a post on Twitter (X): "As a Georgia State Senator, I am officially calling for an emergency session to review the actions of Fani Willis.  America is under attack. I’m not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors politically TARGET political opponents."

    The legislature may, with a 3/5 majority call the special session themselves if Kemp fails to convene the body.

    Kemp is due to speak tomorrow at an event here is Atlanta, now commonly referred to as a the "Never Trumpers" event. His response (or lack of response) to Colton's emergency deamn will be seen by millions.

    So far Kemp has appeared to ignore the concerns of Georgian's and many Americans who say that Fani Willis' charges appear contrived in an effort to garner approval and advancement for herself. Her indictments include felony charges for as little as posting a tweet or asking for a phone number.

    He posted on twitter that "The 2020 Election in Georgia Was Not Stolen." Yet day by day more people learn of the thousands of pieces of evidence which many Georgians brought forward, only to have that evidence dismissed, belittled or outright ignored.

    Sen. Moore's announcement had gathered 3.9 million views on Twitter as of the release of this article,- that's approximately 40% of the population of the entire State of Georgia.

    Kemp's statements tomorrow should demonstrate his intentions to uphold the concerns of most Georgians or to act as if everything is fine and Fani Willis is performing as a good D.A. should. Either way Georgians will be watching.

    Sign the petition here

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    Michele Sarkisian

    Thanks for reporting. Please keep the public updated. MSM won’t.

    Ted Metz

    I reached out to Colton Moore to point out that the appropriate Article in the Georgia Constitution is V, not IV.

    Paul Nally

    Hopefully, before proclaiming salvation at the behest of a Constitutional Inferior, the Electors of this State shall ask why go to the expense of a Special Sesson when all he has to do is take his question, and any facts he may have, to one of the grand juries in his District. And, one might inquire into why he, as a sitting Senator, is allowing a district attorney in his district to violate state and federal law by withholding Grand Jury petitions submitted by his neighbors in his district.


    Mr. Nally, would you please advise us as to what voters in Ga can do if we live outside of Fulton County?

    Athena Shuffett

    Thank you for holding your peers accountable! AND letting us have a voice!

    Dale Parker

    I knew her elections were corrupt and a lot of the senators and house members are corrupt too but they need to hold some of these politicians responsible for what they’re doing and we need to have paper ballots in one day voting

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