• VIDEO: Kemp Caught On Video: "If you give anybody a voting machine they can hack it."

    August 28, 2023
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    Kemp speaks while wife Marty appears to alert him to the voter recording video.

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    Brian Kemp made an appearance during the Perry GOP Fish Fry yesterday. Controversy swirled among the crowd because of the decision by the 8th GOP District Committee to exclude VOTERGA and to ban wearing of shirts indicating support for a change in voting system in Georgia.

    In a discussion which Kemp is likely wishing didn't occur, he was caught on tape admitting that "if you give anybody a voting machine they can hack it..." See video below:

    Kemp had been billed as a featured speaker at the event. Many attendees welcomed his speech with subdued applause. Perhaps that explains why he seemed to leave early and was soon spotted ordering lunch at Chick-fil-a.

    As noted by BKP on "Voice of Rural America" Once Kemp left the event, the restrictions against VOTERGA and against "Paper Ballot Please" t-shirts appeared to be relaxed.

    Unfortunately this action only served to confirm that the exclusion of VOTER GA and ban on election integrity shirts were directly related to Kemps attendance.

    Sources reported that Chandler "CHAN" Jones and the GOP Executive Committee of the 8th District voted on the restrictions.

    Attendees said they found the decision unbelievable coming from an organization which supposedly supports freedom, the U.S. Constitution and 1st amendment (as well as all others.)

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    William Quinn

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