• Freedom Caucus Press Conference and Rally Brings Groups Together From Across Georgia And Beyond

    September 7, 2023
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    Hundreds gathered in the Coverdell building for this morning's press conference held by the Georgia Freedom Caucus. Attendees included key GOP Executive Committee members, election integrity activists along with those who simply felt they must speak out against the actions of D.A. Fani Willis and her outrageous indictments.

    As State Director for Georgia, Mallory Staple, guided the day, bringing together Sen. Colton Moore; Rep Charlice Byrd; Alveta King (niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King), Bruce Lavelle, former executive director of the National Diversity Coalition for President Donald Trump; Activist, Jenny Beth Martin and more.

    Alveda King opening the presser with an invocation:, followed by comments from Angela Stanton King:

    Sen. Colton Moore the delivered remarks about why he has issued his letter calling for a Special Session of the Georgia General Assembly:

    Bruce Lavelle, former advisor to President Trump then spoke to the group:

    Representative Charlice Byrd spoke about why she signed onto Sen Moores call for legislative special session:

    Brian K. Pritchard, Georgia GOP First Vice chair attended the press conference and rally as did David Cross, election integrity activist and GA GOP Second Vice Chair. Jim Tully, GOP Chair for the 4th district also joined the event.

    Members of Blacks for Trump attended carrying signs in support of Freedom, Human rights and Trump. Many of the members also waited outside the Fulton Jail as Trump was coming to Atlanta to be arraigned and have his "mug shot" taken at the insistence of Sheriff Patrick Labat.

    Notably absent were Josh McKoon, Chairman of the Georgia State GOP and the vast majority of Georgia Senators and House members.

    Speakers and attendees alike called attention to those who have failed to speak out in support of the concerns surrounding the indictments issued by Fani Willis. Several also noted that while Willis has been spending her time cobbling together charges against Trump and his supporters, 18,000 cases remain backlogged in Fulton County, violating many defendants rights to a "speedy trial."

    Feedback from attendees indicated that in many areas across Georgia, citizens are already preparing to launch primary challenges against those wo have now shown themselves to be anything but America First Conservatives.

    As for Mr. McKoon, perhaps he was still recovering from the Perry "Fish Fry from Hell."

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