• The Political Career Of Angie Wong

    September 11, 2023
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    Full Disclosure: The Georgia Record's parent outlet, CDM, had a short-lived contributor relationship with Angie Wong which was ended in the fall of 2021.

    We met Angie Wong several years ago on the political scene in New York City. She was pleasant, seemed to have good ideas, and began to write for CDM.

    She told us early on that she had worked for Hillary Clinton, and was still employed by Facebook. However, she emphatically stated she had been disgusted with the censorship she was seeing at Facebook and became 'red pilled', deciding to work for the conservative cause politically while still on Zuckerberg's payroll. She stated she was a Mom, and lived in Miami, where we met several times to strategize for New York political coverage.

    After several months, we ended the business relationship.

    We soon learned that she had a falling out with a conservative figure in Gotham - Gavin Wax, head of the New York Young Republican Club.

    Sources tell The Georgia Record, Wong alleged to others Wax had a litigation trail of inappropriate actions with women, but that no legal filings were found. Wax made accusations also against Wong which she declared were untrue.

    Wong went on to recently attack other conservatives in New York like Steve Bannon, along with CCP dissident Miles Guo, who is currently under indictment by DOJ.

    Steve Bannon is a leader of the populist America First movement.

    Wong was named president of BlakPAC in February of 2022, and left the organization a few months later amongst accusations back and forth, between PAC management and her, of financial misdealings.

    In July of this year, Wong was sued by L-Strategies for misappropriation of funds, an entity close to the Trump organization. She denies all the accusations and posted this response.

    Information on the lawsuit is below.

    NEWNAN, GEORGIA, USA, July 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- The litigation, L-Strategies, LLC v. Angie Wong (aka Angie Wong Sie Ying), has been filed with the Clerk of Superior Court, Coweta County, Georgia, Docket SUV2023000784 on June 30, 2023, 04:23 PM.

    The lawsuit alleges embezzlement, defamation, fraudulent misrepresentation, and other claims.
    The lawsuit alleges that Wong was a customer, through media booker Joshua Delano, to numerous conservative outlets where she used that business relationship to carry out one embezzlement scheme and attempt another. (Pages 2, 3 and 4 of docket)
    , states a press release issued by

    Angie Wong is the former president of Legacy PAC, who after being voted off the board on May 30th , 2023 was replaced by Jared Craig as president of the political action committee. On July 2nd , 2023 Mark Finchem , who was Trump endorsed for his run at AZ Secretary of State , replaced Wong as partner with Stan Fitzgerald and Jared Craig in Legacy PAC.

    "The relief sought in the Georgia case is $2k embezzlement, $30K fraud, $250K defamation, punitive damages at $1,410,000.00,” wrote Attorney Jared Craig.

    Wong was served recently for the aforementioned lawsuit by L Strategies, Legacy PAC.

    The Georgia Record reached out to Angie Wong for comment on this story. We asked for her side of all the above developments as we wanted this story to be factual and fair. We received back an accusation against CDM with no comment attached.

    Wong continues to appear on conservative news outlets as a commentator.

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