• The Bizarre Connection Between Karaoke And The Georgia Republican Party – And Why You Won’t Like It

    By Staff
    September 22, 2023

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    Over the past months we have suggested on a number of occasions to judge people based on what they DO not simply what they SAY.

    Many folks have now experienced the fact that people's statements can be carefully crafted to appear to mean one thing and may actually mean something else.

    In other cases we've seen people simply say things that are untrue.

    In most cases, looking at people's actions over time can provide a better barometer to their intent and in some cases even identity.

    A number of our articles, going forward, will illustrate this point by presenting facts which may upset some but are in fact vital for people to know (and be able to research for themselves) in order to make valid conclusions.

    So as someone we greatly admire often says:


    As many know, campaign organizations are required to periodically file certain disclosure reports. These reports often cover contributions, expenditures investments and indebtedness. Georgia laws require that these reports be filed in a timely way and that they be complete and accurate.

    In October of 2018, the Fulton County Republican Party, Inc. filed the report shown below for the reporting period of My Election Year - September 30, 2018. You may review or download the report below.

    The report was filed at 12:04 PM on October 3rd as shown in the upper right hand corner.

    The report identifies Williaim (Trey) Kelly as Chairperson and Daniel J. DiLuzio CPA as Treasurer.

    In summary the report lists $0.00 in Contributions, $17,795.00 in Expenditures, $0.00 in Investments; $0.00 in Outstanding Indebtedness, $0.00 in Run-off Primary Indebtedness, $0.00 in Primary 2018 Indebtedness.

    The report lists, on page two, a New Balance on Hand of ($17,795.00)   

    Page 5 of the Disclosure lists five Itemized Expenditures:

    2G Strategies                        $9,250.00

    New Prospect Strategies   $4,495.00

    Rosetta Stone 2018            $150.00

    Rosetta Stone 2018            $3,500.00

    RS Communications            $400.00


    For a total of                         $17,795.00

    For reasons at this point unknown, 23 minutes after filing this Disclosure a SECOND DISCLOSURE was filed, nearly identical to the first but with an additional Itemized Expense inserted: The report is available below:

    Friends of Megan Hanson  $2,600 has been added in the second report.

    Which increased the total expenditures to $20,395.00.

    No big deal, just a correction you say?  Perhaps that’s right.

    Let's move on to 2020...........

    Once again Fulton County Republican Party, Inc. files a Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report for the reporting period of September 30, 2020.

    As in 2018, William (Trey) Kelly is listed as Chairman with Daniel J. DiLuzio, CPA listed as Treasurer.

    The report is shown E-filed on October 1, 2020 at 9:45am.

    Once again Contributions, Investments, Outstanding Indebtedness are all $0.00.  Expenditures are shown as $34,350.00 for a Net Balance on Hand of ($34,350.00)

    And ONCE AGAIN, 15 MINUTES after the first report is E-filed, a second Disclosure report submission is E-filed.

    In this second report the Expenditures are shown as $231,850.00 and of course the New Balance on Hand is now ($231,850.00)

    That is a change of $197,500 in just 15 minutes.   Most would say this amount is hard to miss and harder to forget.

    The only change was in expenditures so lets look there in more detail:

    The difference appears to be five transactions added for a payee listed as Rosetta Stone:

    Rosetta Stone              $72,000.00

    Rosetta Stone              $72,000.00

    Rosetta Stone              $36,000.00

    Rosetta Stone              $500.00

    Rosetta Stone              $17,000.00



    These five transactions total to the additional $197,500.00

    We’re left with several questions:

    Who/what is Rosetta Stone?

    How could the leaders of the Fulton County Republican Party, Inc. have overlooked such a huge amount? 

    Having overlooked nearly $200,000 in the first report, how were they were able to find it, adjust the report and resubmit within 15 minutes?

    Perhaps only Trey Kelly and Daniel DiLuzio can answer the last two questions so lets take a look at the first:

    Who is Rosetta Stone?

    In Fulton’s October 1, 2020 Disclosure Document, Rosetta Stone is listed as:

    Rosetta Stone

    6075 Roswell Road, Suite 600

    Sandy Springs, GA 30328

    A search of that address turns up an apartment complex called Adley Apartments see below:

    The Georgia Secretary of State’s website does not list “Rosetta Stone”

    but does list “Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC” as:

    Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC

    1801 Peachtree Street, Suite 110

    Atlanta, GA 30309

    The Registered Agent is listed as STEVEN SCHUTZ

    FUN FACT:  If we go back to Fulton’s 2018 Disclosure document we find “RS Communications” at that same address:

    RS Communications

    1801 Peachtree Street, Suite 110

    Atlanta, GA 30309

    Is this “RS” Communications also Rosetta Stone?   If so why the difference in names?

    So now….

    Who is Steven Schultz?   

    Linkedin shows Steven Schultz as CEO of Rosetta Stone Communications, LLC in Atlanta, GA.  His profile lists his experience with Rosetta Stone since 1997.

    A quick further look at Linkedin shows a John Garst listed as President of Rosetta Stone Communications in Atlanta, GA.  

    His listing shows John Garst as the President of Rosetta Stone since August 1997 to present, over 26 years, about the same period as Steven Schultz.

    But who are these folks?

    A search of OPENCORPORATES confirms Steven Schultz as Agent for Rosetta Stone Communications at 1801 Peachtree Street, Suite 110, Atlanta, GA 30309

    Listed at the same 1801 Peachtree Street, Suite 110 address is a firm called Garst Thomas Public Affairs.  On the Garst Thomas website  , the “Our Team” lists Cynthia Garst, Jared Thomas and John Garst.

    How does this relate to the $197,500?    Stay with us, this is getting quite interesting……

    What do Cynthia Garst, Jared Thomas and John Garst have in common?

    They are registered lobbyists.

    Georgia maintains a website which allows the review of lobbyists and the organizations with whom they are associated.

    Georgia maintains a website which allows the review of lobbyists and the organizations with whom they are associated.

    The site can be reached via:   https://ethics.ga.gov/

    Georgia State Lobbyist records indicate they were/are all lobbyists for a number of concerns including…….….


    FUN FACT #2:     Who else apparently knows Mr. Garst?............    

    The current Georgia GOP Chairman Josh McKoon.

    Here they are at the “Eagles Club” fraternity after winning the 2022 national Karaoke competition in Columbus, OH.

    All this leaves us with a number of questions:

    Why did Fulton County Republican Party, INC.  file two separate and different disclosures in 2018 and again two years later in 2020?

    Why did they pay Rosetta Stone $197,500 in 2020 in the months before the election?

    Were they paying John and/or Cynthia Garst for something?

    Did they know John and Cynthia Garst were lobbyists for Dominion Voting?

    Is Rosetta Stone also listed as RS Communications in their filing?

    If so, why two different names and two different addresses?

    Are Josh McKoon and John Garst fraternity “brothers” in something called the “Eagles Club.”  If so what else do they share and who else is affiliated? 

    And a key question ……

    What song did they sing to win the Eagles Club national karaoke competition?

    We’ll have more in our next reports.

    Disclaimer:   The Georgia Record researches and provides open source information in the interest of public disclosure and education.  Noting herein is to be construed as alleging any crime or wrongdoing.

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    Keep digging ,you are getting close.


    Pretty sure they sang an Elton John song.


    They're hid in plain sight. With this control architecture they woven around structures and institutions, its easy fir them to take over.

    Concerned Voter

    Thank you for all you’re doing to expose these people!


    The term “People” is a huge compliment.


    Just wake me when we see the twitching, peeing bodies of politicians/lobbyists in military nooses...


    Just keep repeating “there was no election interference due to Dominion or their machines”. The more it’s repeated, by these wolves with the big “R” on their chest the more sheep will follow and repeat the team mantra. It’s sickening, the allegiance so many have to their team’s leadership! Keep exposing these Cretans.


    "Gay Face" is just as disgusting as "Black Face".

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