• Why Are Newsom And DeSantis Going To Debate? And Why In Georgia?

    September 26, 2023
    Photo: Fox News

    Hannity To Moderate Debate November 30th.

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    Fox news has announced that Sean Hannity will host a debate between Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom on November 30th in Georgia.

    The biggest question may be WHY?

    DeSantis whose numbers have continued falling in recent weeks, is shown in the most recent New Hampshire Poll with 11 points, trailing even Nikki Haley who has15 points.

    Is DeSantis even a viable candidate any longer? Rumors swirled in the last two weeks that DeSantis might be close to pulling out following poor showings at events such as the Iowa State Fair and others. Each event seems to present new opportunities for what some would call "mistakes", open mic gaffaws and the like.

    Governor of CA, Gavin Newsom is largely regarded as having driven thousands, perhaps millions to seek to leave California because of degrading conditions in key cities, water management problems, electrical power interruptions and the like.

    "I’m looking forward to providing viewers with an informative debate about the everyday issues and governing philosophies that impact the lives of every American," Hannity said.

    Through the work of activist Chris Gleason and others, The Georgia 2024 Show and The Georgia Record have placed a spotlight on DeSantis' efforts to prevent disclosure of election fraud and deflect attention from the issue as he has sought to campaign for the "highest seat in the land."

    Newsom, who some will remember has a family connection Nancy Pelosi, gained growing public scrutiny through numerous statements and decisions which seem out of step with American principals. As an example, during COVID, as he ordered masking, lockdowns and other oppressive measures, he was photographed maskless in a local high-end restaurant, violating his own mandates.

    Again, why would it be so important to have a debate between these two? Why now? And why in Georgia?

    Some speculate that such a debate may be designed to place Newsom more in the national eye which may foreshadow some sort of further involvement by Newsom with the Democratic Party. The Georgia Record doesn't know if this is the case but will be watching carefully.

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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    Titus Casanova

    seriously, WHY???? Why is FOX or even Hannity at this point giving this ANY time or recognition? No one will watch and its clear who Republican Voters want as their candidate!!! and so why are they doing this? it shows just how out of tune they are with their audience and just how much "in the bag": they are with the Soros billionaires and globalists who will do anything to exclude Trump, the OBVIOUS candidate for the conservative right.

    Mad Celt

    It is to maintain the illusion you have a choice in elections.

    Titus Casanova

    and this is why I no longer watch Fox. Fox lost me when they fired Tucker. Fox is clearly just another tool that has been BOUGH OUT by the Globalist elites led by Soros.

    Mad Celt

    If you suffer from insomnia here is your chance to collect some much needed sleep. Neither will mean what they say and even if so, you can't hold them to it. It's 3rd rate Party of Evil vs 3rd rate Party of Stupid contending to get an office neither are qualified for and are no doubt aiming for it for self enrichment.


    DeSantis is a very good governor, & handled covid better than Trump I thunk.

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