• (Updated) BREAKING NEWS: Appellate Court Paves The Way For Quarantine Camps! And Georgia Law Appears To Support Them

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    November 22, 2023
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    I hope you are sitting down when you read this article.

    There is absolutely no way I can possibly sugar coat this, so I’ll just be frank… The NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division’s Fourth Judicial Department has issued their ruling in our quarantine lawsuit against Governor Hochul and her Department of Health, and they have ruled against the will of the people!

    NY State Health Regulations contain the following document regarding Investigation of Communicable Disease: Isolation and Quarantine

    The Georgia Record has located provisions in Georgia Law which also support Isolation of "diseased" persons. What constitutes such Disease? This isn't specified, the code speaks to the ability of authorities to order the actions in case of a "public health emergency."

    If you feel like you just got sucker-punched in the gut, join the club, my friends.

    The court has dismissed our lawsuit, not because we are wrong in our arguments… no, no, indeed we are dead-right. In fact, the court did not even touch the merits of the case. How could they? Instead, the court unbelievably ruled that my plaintiffs somehow do not have standing to sue! If your brain is racing a hundred miles an hour right now trying to figure this out, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Every single person I have told about this court ruling, from my plaintiffs, to fellow attorneys, to family members, and so on, has been downright flabbergasted. Rightfully so. One of my family members told me I needed to break it down for her, like she was a Kindergartener. I’ll do the same for you now, because this issue is so crucial for you to understand, and then for you to explain to others...

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