• How Many Citizens Have Their Rights Impacted While Georgia Plans To Provide Ever More To Those Making Their Way Across Our Open Border And Landing In Georgia?

    By Staff
    January 12, 2024

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    Recent articles seem to be recasting those entering the U.S. across the “open” Southern border not as illegal immigrants but as "refugees."     This week U.S. Congressman Rich McCormick pointed out that the U.S. and other Countries have laws preventing people from simply coming to the U.S. after crossing through other Countries which may provide sanctuary.

    Yet during the Biden regime, the number of those crossing through Countries to reach the U.S. and then claiming asylum has reached conservative estimates of 11 to 15 million.

    How many have ultimately come to Georgia is unknown yet for those that do they receive many benefits and funds paid for by taxpayers, often with the taxpayers knowledge.

    Few realize that immigrant children must be allowed into public schools, often at no cost to their families.   Who pays for the cost to the schools?   In many cases you do.

    Schools themselves make little mention of these children who, having no documents are often referred at as “999” children.   Some schools try to avoid even acknowledging the existence of dozens or hundred of such children who are placed in classes while Georgians are unknowingly footing the bill.

    Now comes word that additional assistance, including mental health programs, will be funded and made available to these “refugees.”

    While all people feel compassionate to others and wish for an end to worry and strife, one can not dismiss the question:  What actual citizens are in need of assistance, what programs are being left undone, in favor of providing to “refugees” who legally should not be here in the first place?

    Just this week comes the story of students forced to stay at home in favor of using their schools to shelter migrants.

    What does a Citizen parent say to a child who is not receiving the education the parents are taxed to provide, while the school instead allows its space to support those here illegally.

    Some will say such a question is unkind but is that true?   Why should one child be punished for the incorrect actions of others?

    The plan behind proving mental health care to illegal migrants is particularly troubling as it appears that the “behind the curtail” agenda for “mental health initiatives” is more about Government control and forced personal reliance on the government than on actually helping people.

    See the effects of Chicago airport as the flood of migrants forces areas of the airport to be reallocated while airport officials attempt to prevent pictures or reporting of the situation:

    Are they worried about the mental health of those being forced to sleep by the hundreds on airport floors?    Is the solution to make them feel happier about the situation or to solve the flood of people?

    Other Government actions give perhaps a hint to the real agenda Biden’s regime is playing out.

    Take for example the case of Georgia Data Analytics Center (GDAC), the data sharing measures that were within HB 520 when it failed to pass in early 2023.

    Gov. Kemp had the GDAC provisions stripped from the Bill and instead enacted them through use of an Executive Order in September of 2023.   The problem?  The Executive Order gives Kemp almost sole right to determine what data from what agency is shared, with whom, and whether those whose information is shared can even find out about it.

    See entire Executive Order here:

    Some have written recently about the steps necessary to tighten government control over the populace, one common step is to give the government wide-ranging control of information about the people – without giving people the same knowledge.     Indeed, Kemp’s Executive Order specifies that some information is immune from Georgia’s Open Record Request process.  Why would this be?  Why would Kemp need shared data to be made secret?

    As the effects of the open border become more acute for Americans, we expect that the questions posed here may soon seem benign as the personal impact of an open border and government overreach gives rise to dynamics which may threaten the very foundations of America.

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    How is it legal for a government official to withhold government documents from a citizen? Don't citizens own the documents that they pay tax dollars to be developed? Which documents/information is being withheld?


    Public schools have a mandate to accept illegals of school age. They cannot inquire as to legal status. In the state database, identification numbers (illegals don't have social security numbers) are used to "force" the kids into the system. A school data clerk would know how this works.

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