• The Grassroots Questions McKoon And GOP Executive Committee Agenda As Radio Station Reports Plan To Remove Two Grassroots Members

    January 17, 2024

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    Yesterday a radio station in S.E. Georgia aired a segment reporting that the GOP Executive Committee (led by Chairman Josh McKoon) was preparing to oust two elected Executive Committee Members - Brian K. Pritchard and David Cross.

    The radio host described how he and his wife met Josh and Jaqueline McKoon at the State Conference and liked them, and ultimately both voted for Josh McKoon as Chairman. The host also pointed out that Brian K. Pritchard and David Cross are honorable men who are serving on the Georgia Republican Executive Committee.

    Ultimately the host calls on Josh McKoon "Josh, leave David and Brian alone, they are not your enemy..."

    The entire radio segment may be heard here:

    Why would the GOP even wish to remove any members from the Executive Committee, especially two who have broad support from the Grassroots Republicans across Georgia?

    Many grassroots members report that they see themselves as advocates and stanchion-bearers for traditional Republicans' values: Adherence to the Constitution, rule of law, small government, fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency. They question cases where the actual GOP leaders seem not to adhere to these principals.

    Some have pointed to the actions of the Republican Ruling Class or "Establishment" that seem out of step with these "Real" Republican values. Some examples stem from the last State Committee Meeting held concurrent with the "Perry Fish Fry" at which people (even those with paid tickets) were turned away for wearing t-shirts displaying "Paper Ballots Please" logos.

    In at least one case a gentlemen in a wheelchair wearing such a shirt was told to leave.

    Another gentleman reported having been involved since the 60s that the Perry Fish Fry was the first time he was thrown out of an event.

    Notably Josh McKoon attended the event and had little to say about the treatment grassroots attendees received.

    At the same event Georgians watch the Governor admit that voting machines can be hacked.

    Mrs. Kemp can be seen in the background frantically trying to get Kemp's attention and spirit him away after spotting that he was being filmed.

    Chen Jones a key organizer of the event personally participated in preventing entrance by some wearing undesirable shirts but was more than happy to take a pic with Kemp and family at this important "Republican" event.

    Board of Election seats have long been allocated in most Counties Two republican / Two democrat and a chairperson (sometimes independently appointed).

    In just his first few months McKoon failed to ensure that three Republican Election Board seats in three separate Counties remained filled by real lawfully nominated Republicans.

    McKoon also held fundraisers that, in at least one case, have raised speculation about WHO was to benefit and why: McKoon For Georgia??

    As grassroots Georgians bring forward questions about these and other concerning actions, there seems to be a subset of Executive Committee Members (some might call them Exec Committee Members In Name Only) prepared to step in and deflect the questions while trying to blame the person for asking.

    The problem is as more and more of these actions/decisions stack up, the picture becomes more clear: that the questions are indeed valid, and those trying to recast the discussion continue to out themselves as they are almost always the first to attempt to downplay or divert the concerns.

    There is also the "SEVEN MOUNTAINS" video created by McKoon and his wife putting forth a set of priorities that many say have been largely left undone:

    While the Republican Ruling Class complains about challenging questions coming from the grassroots, claiming that questioning things will prevent a win in 2024, is this really any different than Trump calling out Chris Christy, Nikki (Nimrata) Haley. Asa Hutchinson or RonDesantis for their failure to live up to the standards and promises they built their campaign promises on?

    If someone poses a question or concern to the GOP leadership, see which "establishment" supporter pokes their head up first. You may begin to understand more fully the game getting played right in front of you.

    The Georgia Record is researching additional facts on this latest GOP issue and will bring them to you as confirmed.


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    William Quinn

    Bill spent 25+ years managing businesses in the Information and Technology sector. His career includes positions with Philips Electronics, CompuCom, AT&T and IBM. Since 2019 he has been investigating and researching business, health and political issues in order to make truthful information available to the American people.

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    It's the elite GOP INC. that wants to oust these two men for speaking truth and standing up for the grassroots people. Look up and read the research that Hank Sullivan has done on his substack.


    Thank you for the recommendation!

    […] The Grassroots Questions McKoon And GOP Executive Committee Agenda As Radio Station Reports Plan To … […]

    […] The Grassroots Questions McKoon And GOP Executive Committee Agenda As Radio Station Reports Plan To … […]

    […] The Grassroots Questions McKoon And GOP Executive Committee Agenda As Radio Station Reports Plan To … […]

    […] The Grassroots Questions McKoon And GOP Executive Committee Agenda As Radio Station Reports Plan To … […]

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