• Georgia Bills To Thrill, Bills To Kill - with Mallory Staples - 1/26/24

    January 26, 2024
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    Under the Dome | ACT NOW! | Vol. 36

    Volume 36


    JAN 25, 2024


    Coalition Power

    Senate Colton Moore has called for an investigation into Fani Willis since August of last year. The senate could not ignore him anymore.

    We have some good news to report.

    This week, Senator Greg Dolezal presented senate resolution 465 which has the support of 30 other senators. When passed SR465 will create the Senate Special Committee on Investigations in order to begin investigation of DA Fani Willis. We support this committee and want to see this be the FIRST in many steps NOW being taken to find justice for the 19 indictees as well as all the citizens of Georgia. Committee has to be the first step but CANNOT BE THE LAST STEP.

    Also, Julie Adams was appointed to the Fulton County BOE. MASSIVE WIN. Up until now, our sole freedom fighter in Fulton has been Commissioner Bridget Thorne. We are pleased she has some company now and will be cheering them both on.

    Today Governor Kemp joined other red state leaders in making a supportive statement regarding Texas defending itself against the ongoing invasion of our border. However, Georgians anxiously await a plan of action from Governor Kemp on when and how he will protect Georgia from the continual inflow of illegals into our state and the devastating effects on our citizens.

    Additionally, I am waiting for him to engage in fighting to expose and constitutionally rid our state of the corrupt officers in the DA and Secretary of State’s office. We are making national news on the daily (and have for quite some time) for our massively documented CORRUPT LYING Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger. Brad has overseen our compromised, easily hackable voting systems and 3rd world equivalent elections. There is apparently no end to the disgrace and shame these two state employees can bring Georgia. All the while Brian Kemp does nothing. (Along with the absolutely worthless AG Chris Carr.)

    Sidebar: I have lost count of the national conservative voices- Bannon, Levin, Kirk, Bongino, Gorka, Jordan, Clyde, etc… I have heard call on Kemp and Carr to TAKE ACTION. This is in addition to the CITIZENS and yet still we waiT. The entire country hears embarrassing stories of Georgia, and especially Fulton County, corruption and tax payer abuse every day.

    I heard this in church this week - “Today’s compromise is tomorrow’s captivity.” Can I get a good amen? So much compromise.

    We need uncompromising leaders. If you can’t easily reference multiple instances of your senator, house rep or executive officer’s recent ACTIONS against the tyranny we face daily then VOTE THEM OUT in May.

    Circulate this email. You all have networks. Use them. Let’s make a difference in a BIG WAY.

    We Don’t Even Need Democrats in Georgia

    Here is Senator Colton Moore’s response to yet another example of the gross chasm between the republican citizens of our great state and those elected to represent us.

    Senate Government Oversight Committee

    Senator Albers Hate Crime Bill

    This thing is dead because you guys are awesome.

    Link to 2nd Session

    Protect Your 2A Rights

    This bill was originally written and carried by a democrat, Rep. Michelle Au. Six republicans took it and are now carrying it. Yes, you read that right. Give them a call and tell them that we don’t want ANY bill that touches our second amendment rights. The six reps are:

    Scott Hilton 404-656-0188

    Matt Reeves 404-656-0152

    Mark Newton 404-656-7855

    Deborah Silcox 404-657-1803

    Bill Hitchens 404-656-5126

    Robert Dickey 404-656-5099

    With everything facing our state and nation right now, THIS is the bill they have been working on?? UNREAL. This isn’t about safety. If they wanted more people to own guns they would lessen regulation by big brother, not increase it.

    Link to HB 971 Video

    Bringing you more good guys

    You can donate via Venmo or mail checks to the following address:

    Georgia Freedom Fund  
    4060 Manor Overlook Drive
    Cumming, GA 30328

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    Mallory Staples

    Mallory is a former teacher, small business owner and congressional candidate in Georgia 6 and with her background in ministry and as a homeschool mom, she brings invaluable convictions and real-world perspective to her role as Georgia Director of the State Freedom Caucus Network and Chairman of the Georgia Freedom Fund.

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