• Georgia Bills To Thrill And Bills to Kill - From The Georgia State Freedom Caucus With Director Mallory Staples

    February 6, 2024
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    Interesting, right?

    On the heals of the story we broke last week, documenting illegal immigrants in Hartsfield airport, the outpouring of statements, inquiry and investigation from the executive officers of our state and the General Assembly has been overwhelming!

    Wait. No.

    They have been almost entirely SILENT. Once again, the boundless abyss between the ruling class mentality and the people’s will is painfully clear. (Wait to you watch the below clip of the Senate Republican Caucus rolling out their priorities. You won’t even be able to stand it.)

    Media outlets from coast to coast, American citizens & the Georgia Freedom Caucus are all speaking up about unlawful and dangerous actions at the world’s busiest airport right here in our beloved Georgia. While the public realizes these outrageous illegal immigration issues at Hartsfield, our elected officials stay silent.

    They embody the phrase, “Wanting to make a difference without wanting to make noise.” What is THAT about? Governor Kemp, whose campaign promises centered on preventing illegal immigration, is heading down to Texas to make a public appearance against trafficking but IGNORES private rooms of illegal immigrants in our AIRPORT right here in Georgia? And we‘re told airplanes full of illegals come into Atlanta at least twice a week! Our first lady, Marty Kemp, allegedly fights human trafficking with her Grace Commission but says NOTHING about illegal immigrants secretly stowed away at our airport? Missing in action like the Governor. It’s hard to determine if AG Carr still works in Georgia from his total absence from the public on so many unlawful activities underway in Georgia. What has AG Carr done to fight a single battle for the citizens of Georgia? Name one… just one. Are we still paying him as an elected public official? If so, WHY?

    And WHEN will ANYONE other than Colton Moore demonstrate a backbone for the public they serve? Who actually protects the well-being of the citizens??? Moore stood ALONE and was actually attacked by fellow Senators for doing what they simply did not have the political will to do! Is it any wonder the public refers to Moore as The People’s Senator??? Yet Georgia’s political elites don’t want Moore in their caucus! They are a travesty to our great state. Weak kneed fluff too afraid of the status quo to speak up like the young Senator from North Georgia. Well, people are noticing who has what it takes and who does not.

    We are living in a right is wrong and wrong is right world and we MUST USE OUR VOICES TO PUSH BACK AGAINST IT AND THOSE WHO ENABLE IT!

    While we are on that topic, I am told Senator John Kennedy is the one refusing to allow Senator Moore back in the republican caucus. If this angers you, call Kennedy and demand that he invite Senator Colton Moore back into the Caucus. (Number below)

    On a positive note, I think Senator Brandon Beach needs some love. He is the ONLY signer on to The Stop Political Persecution Act bill. Nicely done, Senator Beach. We see you and appreciate your support. Keep it up!

    On the other hand, Senator Kay Kirkpatrick is carrying SB 340. This is the companion bill to HB 971, the gun safe bill, we all called about on January 25th. We have republicans in BOTH chambers perfectly happy with violating your 2nd amendment rights. We need you to call the members of the senate rules committee and the Lt. Governor to ask them “NOT TO LET THIS BILL ON THE FLOOR OF THE SENATE.” It’s a longer list than normal but, OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS ARE WORTH IT!

    Lt. Governor Burt Jones

    Senate Rules Committee:

    Matt Brass 404.656.0057

    Frank Ginn 404.656.4700

    Bill Cowsert 706.463.1366

    John Albers 404.463.8055

    Jason Anavitarte 404.656.0085

    Lee Anderson 404.656.5114

    Brandon Beach 404.463.1378 (Thank him for signing other bill while you’re on the line)

    Clint Dixon 404.656.6446

    Greg Dolezal 404.656.0040

    Steve Gooch 404.656.9221

    Chuck Hufstetler 404.656.0034

    John Kennedy 404.656.6578

    Randy Robertson 404.656.0045

    Larry Walker 404.656.0095

    Ben Watson 404.656.7880

    Lastly, call Senator Kirkpatrick’s office 404.656.3932 and tell her you don’t want any bill that infringes on your 2A rights. PERIOD. No republican should carry a bill like this. I can’t believe we are even having to say this but, here we are. Let’s take 10 minutes and protect Georgians from government getting in where they don’t belong!

    If you haven’t seen it yet…

    Tucker Carlson conducted an excellent interview with Bret Weinstein that explains exactly how illegals are getting to our country… and our state. Watch this and then try and imagine being the Governor, a senator, a house rep, maybe AG Carr and not taking action to DO YOUR JOB and PROTECT the citizens of Georgia.

    The Only Senator…

    Let that sink in.

    Now this was something…

    I travel the state and talk to the people. You call, email, text and dm me daily. I listen to what concerns you.

    Here’s the list of the most common and consistent concerns you have; the invasion at the border and the presence of illegals in GA- the crime it causes and the drugs it brings in to our state, our elections, Fani Willis, the economy, medical freedom, war overseas and less often but I do hear it- school choice.

    Never have you mentioned tort reform or bail bond reform. Ever. Not once have you said a word about literacy rates.

    When Senator Kennedy said they had talked to their constituents, he must have been confused and meant to say high-dollar lobbyists. (There are more statements from this video that I will be addressing later.) And I would like to NOT HEAR about Brian Kemp’s “steady hand of leadership” if that’s ok with Senator Kennedy.

    Considering where we are as a nation, this is the priority list of the senate republicans? WOW. These folks will burn up the campaign trail here shortly telling you how awful things are under Biden & how terrible it all is but don’t worry they are bringing tort reform.

    Caveat: Some of these things they mentioned, if handled well (HUGE IF) would no doubt benefit the citizens. But our priority list and their priority list are not a match.

    This is exactly why we need to be elected to office and they need to go home. Reagan had it right- CITIZEN LEADERSIt’s time for change.

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