• Beware The Carpetbaggers - They're Back

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    February 13, 2024
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    Following times of conflict and chaos, such as the civil war, people can come into an area in an attempt to gain advantage in the wake of stress or upheaval. In the 1870's such a dynamic was seen and those opportunistic people and groups earned the name "Carpetbaggers."

    The dynamics of the situation may be seen in films like "Gone With The Wind" and others and is characterized by the arrival of unknown individuals who claim to know better than the local organizations how to best handle the needs of the moment.

    They often speak of unity, strength in numbers, and espouse their strength albeit in other areas not easily known to the locals. They cite relationships and experience and claim knowledge of information reserved for only the favored few who belong to their groups.

    They invite "joining" them in their groups so that one might benefit from their knowledge and influence. Joining though comes with a price tag in the form of funding and often other localized information. This local information may require he sharing of contacts or local relationships in ways that erode existing local relationships of trust in favor of regional or national relationships based on more formal organizational hierarchy.

    Think Carpetbaggers only existed in the distance past? Don't bet on it. Given the fears and risks associated with the current condition of the United States, many say one can find modern-day carpetbaggers operating across the U.S. and right here in Georgia.

    How do you spot them?

    Look for people who show up saying they know all about your organization and may even have been operating "behind" it in some fashion.

    They speak openly about Regional and National organizations, meetings, conference calls and national conferences. It all seems so organized and reliable.

    They talk about everyone joining them, for nothing more than your "dues" you'll get access to information, newsletters and invitations to come to their events. They are like you, you are like them. They use the right words to describe themselves so you'll feel they are just like you.

    It all holds some strange attraction, as it is meant to.

    Then you begin to ponder some questions:

    Where was this person, this organization when our local organization needed help? If they were aware of us why didn't they come forward to assist?

    While others have been showing up to election integrity rallies and visiting the Capitol to ask direct questions of our legislators where has tis person and their organization been?

    When our local organization was lobbying for paper ballots and speaking before the local County commission and School Board where was this person and their organization? Did they speak up?

    And thus the carpetbaggers game is uncovered, give us your dues, give us your money and time and you'll be part of us. But to what point? What has this new organization accomplished while the rest of us have battled through three years to begin making progress.

    And if there is a success, the new organization flashes in with a sparkling press release and polished speaker to take credit explain how they've been working for years to produce the latest win. When in fact few if any knew of their existence until the Carpetbaggers began approaching with their promises and open hands reaching for grifted money.

    Don't be fooled.

    Those with whom you've worked for these past three years are your real team. You know them and they know you. It didn't take "dues" to send dozens of Open Records requests to get election data and records so analysis could be done. It didn't take a national conference with high-priced hotels and "named" speakers to allow you to attend dozens of County and Election Board meetings.

    You and your friends and neighbors are your Team.

    You'll likely hear of turmoil in some local organizations, including some good ones, because of the intrusion of these Carpetbaggers. They are expert at using their skills to eliminate or push-out leaders who are on to their game and in their place they install those with weaker vision and haughty ego who need the backing of the carpetbaggers to prop up their confidence. Just the kind of "chairperson" they like, the kind they can control.

    Be watchful, be wary, in years past the likes of Nikki (Nimrata) Haley or Chris Chistie might have fooled many, But today, those who have heightened discernment can see the carpetbaggers for what they are with speed and certainly.

    When you see them, call them out and ask the questions they cannot answer: Why didn't you help before? Why do you want our money? What have you really accomplished (not just promoted) that has benefited me and my family? Which candidates did you support?

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    UPDATE BREAKING VIDEO BELOW: GA State Senator Colton Moore/Chief Of Staff Assaulted By US Military Guards In Atlanta Airport After Sting To Catch Migrant Trafficking Operation

    UPDATED: Senator Colton Moore Testifies Before Georgia Senate Describing Trafficking Being Conducted Through Hartsfield Airport Under The Watch Of The U.S. Military



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