• HB 206 Is Green Like A Swamp

    February 29, 2024
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    Sets Stage For Taxpayers to Potentially Be Left Holding The Debt Bag For Failing Ventures

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     Hank Sullivan has published a substack which uncovers what may be he real motivation behind HB 206. The Georgia Record and The Georgia Freedom Caucus sounded the alarm on HB 206 a few weeks ago but vigilance is still needed.

    More importantly the people and potential motivations behind it should be understood by the public.

    Go direct to Hank Sullivan's articles in substack HERE

    It wasn’t that long ago, June of 2021, when Governor Brian Kemp lauded landing a hydrogen energy cell-producing, green energy manufacturing plant, to be located in the town of Kingsland, located in Camden County near the southeastern coast of Georgia. That day, Kemp issued a press release announcing Plug Power’s investment to build an $84 million hydrogen manufacturing plant in that small town near the port of St. Mary’s, alongside I-95 near the Georgia-Florida border. The plant would produce hydrogen, to be used in fuel cells to power zero-emission machinery, such as delivery vehicles, forklifts, and even automobiles. According to the plan announced by Kemp that day, Plug’s $84 million plant would employ 24 Georgians.

    Six months earlier, a South Korean conglomerate, SK Group, invested $1.5 billion in Plug’s ability to help fulfill a goal of the South Korean Government to transition to a hydrogen-based economy.

    Flush with cash, after announcing a deal with French automaker Renault, Plug stock soared to a 15-year high.

    Last month, in one day, Plug’s stock price dropped 23%, this after issuing a press release that it would seek another $1 billion in a new public offering, at market price, the fire sale sending investors scurrying for the exits.

    Obviously, Plug Power needs financial help. Today the private sector sees hydrogen fuel riskier than the day after the Hindenburg disaster. Therefore, Plug is now appealing for government aid, and Governor Brian Kemp believes Georgia taxpayers are the one’s to pay for it.

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    UPDATE BREAKING VIDEO BELOW: GA State Senator Colton Moore/Chief Of Staff Assaulted By US Military Guards In Atlanta Airport After Sting To Catch Migrant Trafficking Operation

    UPDATED: Senator Colton Moore Testifies Before Georgia Senate Describing Trafficking Being Conducted Through Hartsfield Airport Under The Watch Of The U.S. Military


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