• BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Strange Connections and Disconnections Continue To Emerge Surrounding Fani Willis, Her Office and Her Associates

    By Staff
    March 6, 2024

    'Defending Democracy' non-profit dissolved on same day Trump Grand Jury Report released

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    Last week The Georgia Record reported on Chris Huttman, the business partner of Jeff Disantis, Fani Willis’ Media Relations Head.

    Read our last article on Fani Willis Office here:

    How Much Dirt May Be Found In The Corners Of DA Fani Willis Offices?

    Huttman and Disantis own a company called 20/20 Insight. Their bios detail them as veteran Democrat consultants who have worked on every campaign level from president to local offices. Huttman is described as 20/20 Insight’s technology director, while simultaneously holding the role of Research Director at Canal Partner Media, which advertises as the lead media buying agency for Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. 

    According to the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division documents, on July 18, 2022, a now dissolved organization named Defending Democracy was incorporated as a domestic nonprofit. 

    The e-mail address Huttman provided on the Defending Democracy incorporation documentation is a 20/20 Insight email address.

    The documents list Chris Huttman as the incorporator of Defending Democracy, with Jeremy Halbert-Harris listed as the Registered Agent and Attorney In Fact.

    The documents show Defending Democracy, Inc.'s address as 750 Piedmont Ave, NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

    This nonprofit was dissolved a little over a year later on September 8, 2023. What else occured then?

    Coincidentally, this was the same day President Trump’s full indictment report by a special grand jury in Fulton County Georgia was released.

    Birds of a feather flock together

    Georgia Corporations Division documents also state that the Defending Democracy’s Registered Agent and Attorney In Fact, Jeremy Halbert-Harris, also runs the Jeremy Halbert-Harri Group out of the same 750 Piedmont Ave location. (We note the missing “s” in what appears to be Harris’ name, is this by design or mistake?)

    "Out of the same 750 Piedmont Avenue location"

    According to the Democrat Georgia website, Halbert-Harris “led Fani Willis’ successful bid to unseat a 24-year incumbent in the Fulton County District Attorney race.”  It also states that he was the campaign director for Biden For America in Georgia, where “he led the effort to flip Georgia blue for the first time in 28 years.”

    According to Halbert- Harris’ LinkedIn profile, he was also a strategist for the Democrat Party of Georgia and the campaign manager for Charlie Bailey when he ran for Attorney General in 2018.

    Sources suggest it was the relationship to Charlie Bailey that may have blocked Fani Willis from investigating Burt Jones, the current Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, during the Trump indictment process.

    Charlie Bailey was Jones’ opponent for Lieutenant Governor in 2022. Fani Willis held a campaign fundraiser for Charlie Bailey in that race.

    Charlie Bailey is also an attorney with Cook & Connelly. Cook & Connelly lists two business locations, one of which is.....

    750 Piedmont Ave.

    The same address as Defending Democracy and Fani Willis' Campaign.

    Fani Willis’ campaign contribution disclosure report documents dating from May of 2020 to as recent as August of 2023 again lists the same address, 750 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, GA (note that this document lists the wrong zip code for that address.)

    According to a campaign finance document filed on February 7, 2024, a new address is now listed for the Fani Willis campaign. This time it is a Howell Mill Road address, which appears to be a post office.


    New Fani Willis Campaign document


    Address listed on Fani Willis Campaign document:


    The connections appear to widen.

    Andrew Evans, the attorney for Nathan Wade, and his wife, Representative Stacey Evans of District 57, are also tied to the address of Defending Democracy. 

    750 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, GA

    Stacey Evans dissolved her S.G.Evans Law company, listed at that address, on September 8, 2023. On the exact same date that Defending Democracy was dissolved and the Special Grand Jury released it's full Trump Indictment report.

    Andrew Evans still owns and operates Evans Law with the location as its principal address.

    It appears this 5,000 sq ft office space is a packed Democrat powerhouse.

    At this point we are left with some questions:

    Why are Fani Willis, Chris Huttman, Jeremy Halbert-Harris, Defending Democracy, Charlie Bailey, Andrew Evans, Stacy Evans, and several of their law firms all tied to the same address: 750 Piedmont Ave.?


    Why did Defending Democracy, Inc., and Stacy Evans Law firm, SG Evans Law Company, decide to dissolve on the precise date that the full Trump special grand jury indictment report was being released?

    The Georgia Record will continue to report on this story.

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    What a wicked weave of deception

    David Smith

    Keep it up GR. These people are looking like a nest of criminal vipers.

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