• Nikki (Nimrata) Haley Finally Calls It Off - But Watch For the Moves Now

    March 6, 2024
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    Nikki Haley ended her Presidential campaign this morning after getting a shellacking across all participating States with the exception of Vermont.

    Astute election experts though say to watch the next moves she makes. Since the start of the primaries she has accumulated 89 delegates, with Trump totaling 995 delegates after Super Tuesday.

    Haley's 89 delegates still represent political capital and she may choose to use them to lever herself into certain areas of power.

    Even when it's over, there may still be moves to be made, we'll see.

    Meanwhile Trump is expected to clinch the number of delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination after next weeks Georgia primary.

    Debbie Dooley with Main Street Patriots. US has issued a call for those willing to assist with calling to Georgia voters to help ensure a broad turnout for Trump. Voters can contact Debbie at:

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    UPDATE BREAKING VIDEO BELOW: GA State Senator Colton Moore/Chief Of Staff Assaulted By US Military Guards In Atlanta Airport After Sting To Catch Migrant Trafficking Operation

    UPDATED: Senator Colton Moore Testifies Before Georgia Senate Describing Trafficking Being Conducted Through Hartsfield Airport Under The Watch Of The U.S. Military



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