• Speaker Jon Burns Bars Senator Colton Moore From House - For Telling The Truth - Ralston Was Dirty - Here's The Proof From 2021

    March 14, 2024
    Georgia House Speaker David Ralston
    Image by The Lafayette Underground

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    Speaker of the Georgia House Jon Burns just banned GA Senator Colton Moore from the House floor - for telling the truth about former Speaker Ralston.

    The campaign against the Georgia truth-telling Senator continues.

    Here is what Senator Colton Moore said regarding David Ralston:


    Video of Jon Burns banning Sen. Colton Moore:

    The Georgia Record filed this article on June 15, 2021.

    Is GA Bar Politicking Lin Wood - While Avoiding Justice for Victims?

    As the legal maxim goes - Justice delayed is not justice served.

    So whatever happened to Georgia House Speaker Ralston, accused of delaying more than a thousand legal cases?

    Even the AJC called out Ralston's seeming repeated tactics to delay cases until the other side was out of money or just gave up.

    Many of the cases involve Ralston representing defendants against alleged crimes such as drunk driving, pill mill, domestic violence, sexual abuse, child molestation, vehicular homicide, child cruelty, assault, terroristic threats, and other crimes. A client boasted of using Ralston's legal services for this stall tactic.

    Ralston, an attorney in private practice, admitted he delayed cases using the state's "legislative leave" law, but stated he has done nothing illegal or unethical.

    The shocking fact is the entire GA House stood up and applauded Burn's move against Senator Moore.

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    L Todd Wood

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    Diana Barahona

    It appears Ralston was a Freemason. Mexico also has a corrupt judiciary, which is why the president sent a constitutional amendment to the legislature which will require all judges to run for election next year. According to Lopez Obrador, they have simply refused to send dangerous criminals to prison.

    Jenny Williams

    Corruption is corruption, regardless of who it is. Thank you Senator Colton Moore for standing up for the good people of Georgia and exposing this corruption on the Senate floor.


    Thank you Senator Colton Moore for standing up for the truth and the people of Ga. Those who oppose you are just as guilty as Ralston - for covering up/enabling corruption in the state of Ga.

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